It's official: I love walking uphill more than a flat terrain

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

It's official I love walking uphill more than a flat terrain

The time I share with you 3 reasons walking uphill (and downhill) has made me prefer it more than just walking on flat ground.

Hi there peeps. How are you? In today's blog entry, I will reveal to you the 3 surprises that really have made me a fan of walking uphill (includes downhill of course as the home is at another location).

I surprise myself by enjoying the uphill and downhill walk and I recommend you to get acquainted with a hill in your area that's open for walking if you are into low impact exercises that keeps you fit..

3 REASONS WHY I ENJOY WALKING UPHILL (There are more but I shall talk about them in future blog entries)

1. My LUNGS feel like they're working more.

It's no secret that I love walking. Walking on flat ground so far is fun for me. I know some people find it dull but I have no capacity to get bored of walking. While walking of a flat terrain is nice and all, walking uphill truly pushes my physical body into new territory. I find myself breathing deeper and I can feel my lungs working harder to keep me going. 

2. The VIEW from afar is absolutely tranquil and the SILENCE is way better up the elevation you go.

Since I walk uphill, I've noticed the quality of silence. It's different. There is a ton of noise when one is walking in a garden because it's usually surrounded by traffic and other amenities that are noise factories. People (and their children) crowd gardens more. As I go uphill, I find that most people are less inclined to go uphill, so it's grand for me! There are a few uphill-walking people of course, but it's not saturated with noise-making machines, especially after all that uphill workout. They mellow out. LOL! The only way to go uphill where I do my work-out is by walking so it eliminates vehicular traffic noise. I'm glad they banned cars from going up!

3. LEGS feel like they're fighting gravity. 

Like lungs, the legs of mine feel the sensation of fighting gravity as they climb up. A steep uphill climb is especially fantastic for feeling like I'm putting my legs to the test. It is also great for improving my balancing of the body as it leans on being easily imbalanced. So far, I'm glad I am able to walk up a hill with a steep incline and find joy in it. 


So. there you go peeps, an update on my newfound love for walking uphill/downhill. Do you like this kind of physical activity? What ways do you keep your body moving? Share below - I love hearing from you.

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