Living and loving walking in the green / 2 reasons to love walking in nature

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The time I share with you only two reasons out of many as to why I love walking in the green plus the walking ensemble for the day.

For someone who can get sensory overloaded, walking helps me to get acquainted with a tranquil side within. Walking outside in nature, in a way, brings a lot of spaciousness internally and the sights of green whispering with the winds relaxes the eyes and spirits. I find that walking out in nature is a great way to practice situational awareness in the physical sense. There's the sense of smell that gets engaged when one is out and about. Some scents are more pleasant than others, of course. The reality of the world sets in acutely when we come into contact with nature. Life, death and stages in between sit side by side and it's very humbling to witness it all. The sight of a deceased feline or a bird becomes the main attraction to little critters that go to them for fuel and in between lush vegetation, some are blooming with flowers and fruits. The scent of decaying and living matter intermingled with one another.

There's then the sense of space/place. I am tuned into where I are am located in the physical world. One thing I've learned when I first activated my muscles for driving was that even if I knew one direction back home, I could still get lost if  I started my journey from a different direction that I rarely drove from. The same thing takes place when walking in greenery without distinct paths. If greenery is all you see - you have to turn to look around to check where you are and associate some landmarks that are there. Luckily, I just mostly walk in the familiar gardens that are mostly compact in their sizes and well-marked paths. 


About the walking outfit for the day

I wore a navy sporty tee, dark blue pants, grey shoes, orange umbrella. It's rare that I wear blue of this kind. But I kind of like the casual vibe of it. I brought the umbrella because I'm the kind that likes to prepare for random turns the weather may take. I have been known to walk in a pour because I wanted to be engulfed by the sounds of the rain. Came back drenched to the bones because the umbrella couldn't take the heavy rain but I felt absolutely grand. 

Here are some photos. They are actually stills from the quick outfit video I've been doing these days instead of a proper shooting. That also explains the quality of the imagery. I like the vibe plus it's very speedy to do ;)

How are you lot doing? Tell me about you down below! What are your favorite activities to stay physically and mentally fit? I love hearing from you :)

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