11 minutes of walking is SOMETHING + teabag walking TEA

Thursday, March 2, 2023

The time I share with you that walking for even for as long(short?) as 11 minutes could be key to a healthy life.

Hey folks, it's out. Studies revealed that SOME kind of movement is better than NOTHING. To be precise, 11 minutes of walking is found out to reduce your likelihood of dying prematurely by 25%. WOW.  Isn't that something?

Read more for the walking research insights here. In other very interesting news, "teabag style" of walking is said to be great for health. I had to read further as I failed to imagine teabags literally walking for inspiration because they're always in, oh you know, the usual places: teacups? 

Well, apparently, I am not a watcher of Monty Phyton as I have no idea about Mr. Teabag's popular silly walk style. Mental note: I should do it while in the park to have people walking away from my vicinity. I think I've done a variation of it when I was younger. Time to get the leg high up randomly while I casually stroll. It's said to burn more calories which is readily apparent as it's a remix of a default walk. You just make it erratic

Here's a video to carefully illustrate the silly walk that anyone can do if your legs are working fine (and you don't mind looking RANDOMLY erratic while you're doing it). BEST not to do it before you've actually warmed up. Actually, warm up before doing any physical activity is the best. As a young child being told to warm up by teachers before exercise in school felt ridiculous back in the day when the joints in my body were tip top. Now as an ancient person with rusty and crusty joints related to normal aging, I have finally seen the light: warming up is a MUST if I want to spare myself from bone-chilling muscle sprains. 

No gif of me this time as I'd deleted the copy being that I've managed to overload the phone with too many things #lol. I will attempt to do the teabag walk in my next one, hopefully. I'm sure it will be hilarious too. Can't wait.

Enough about me, what about you there? Have you tried walking in the teabag style? Would you try it out just for fun? Or is it something you wouldn't want to be caught doing in public? Let me know if you are interested in teabag walking so I can link to your content here, if that's your cuppa tea. Heh Heh.

See you in the next entry. Keep going outside and absorbing that good old vitamin D!

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