Hitting the ground walking

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Hitting the ground walking

The time I felt like a mandarin orange and decided to go extra orange while walking.

While walking I learn that it's nice to feel the body in a state of mechanical movement. Even though it's apparent that my legs are the ones carrying me forward, at times, I feel like the ground is half of the equation. Without the ground for where my feet are planted upon to propel me forward, no walking is possible. 

The ground needs to be there for my functional legs to do their magic. These days, the heat is glorious. It's the kind of high tropical temps that can be lethal if you're not well hydrated. I think I've mentioned this before. It's just that after like half a year of rainy weather, the body has to get acquainted back with this natural tropical weather temperament. Plus, I'm also edging into the phase of womanhood where the internal body clock has a world of her own. Now I am attempting to adjust my food consumption to meet the needs of a middle aged biological woman and I found that soy beans are especially wonderful for hot flashes. Also, according to Dr Berg, good quality animal fat is important! I've always gravitated towards yummy fat in my diet so I will continue on this path and hope for the best. 

Here are about two photos from when I went walking one of those fine evenings:

I wore an orange tee from a long time ago. It's cotton and soft, perfect for a sizzling weather. The pants with the leopard print, well, you've seen that before and a pair of slip-easy walking shoes in grey. Over my eyeballs were a retro brown sunglass and over my head was the usual orange umbrella that's still working after all the sudden violent breeze attacks!

Well, that's all for now. FYI: I did try to teabag walk this evening but my head wasn't feeling the greatest and I felt like it's a little too public for me to start walking funny LOL! I'll try again when I'm feeling brazen. Tehee.

See you in the next one ;)


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