Warm breezy nights like this + Bob Dylan tee and blue jeans

Monday, March 27, 2023

The time I show you how I do a casual look with a tee and jeans.

Warm tropical nights like tonight get me very productive. I'm about to get this blog content up and then will whip up a stir fry tempeh bowl with a salad side that's probably going to be a mix of cucumber chunks and a tomato in a very simple cider vinegar dressing. I also will spice up the tempeh with greens from my mom's garden. These greens are mint leaves, curry leaves, a turmeric leaf and small green chillies. The tempeh will be garlicky seasoned with black pepper powder, turmeric powder, paprika and salt to taste. I will perhaps squeeze a sliced lime over to round it all up. I love limes, they're such a fragrant boost.

Enough about my protein bowl for tonight, let me show you just what I was just wearing to go into town and take my casual walk today. Instead of some jogging pants, I was wearing jeans that I'm about to throw in the washing machine tonight. The top is a tee from ages ago and I'm so impressed that it's still going strong. It's a Bob Dylan tee in charcoal grey. Shoes are walking grey slip-easy ones you've seen before.

There's something about warm breezy nights that is uplifting to the spirit. Blame it on the tropical soul spirit in me, but it's just invigorating to breathe in the night's sweet breeze an breathe it out. I was born on a hot day so I'm guessing that perhaps, that's why I simply gravitate towards this weather temperature. Of course, there's the humidity to tackle but if you get under the arms of trees or run into a chilled environment while it's sunny out, it's just great. 

I also find I tend to naturally drink more during the hot days as opposed to cold and rainy ones which had been known to cause a bout of dehydration. Right now, I'm well hydrated and I feel all my cells are beaming. I had my hair wash today and having my hair out in the sun on days like this is a recipe for shiny wind-blown hair and that, I'm so all about. I also just misted my face with rose water and that's especially awesome because I love the refreshing rosy scent and cooling feeling.

That's all for now folks. I know it's chilly in some places but spring's in the air and I hope it will come soon for those who can't wait for sunny temps ;)

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