Poem of the moment: Days like these

Saturday, June 22, 2024

The time there's a poem after a long time! 

I don't know why but this poem came to me and then I find myself here, typing it away, beautifying it a little bit and having it to be read by those who find themselves in this space. 

May your reading of it send some kind of peace, comfort and inspiration your way.

Days Like These

There are days like these

for slowly nursing a hot drink

with the sound of mostly whirring

of the things that make up

the background noise of living

minus anyone talking


there are days like these

that seemingly stretch lazily

in the quiet of my heart

and the silence of my breathing


there are days for these

lingering within

and without

sending thank yous

up to the skies

whether they grumble

or make nice


there are days to notice

the sweetness of a bird

singing so rambunctiously 

outside the window

when half of my awareness is 

still cradled by sleep


there are days for these

simplest kinds of being

in the moment to

notice that days like these

go quickly by 

to rest in the arms of time


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