Elephants pants here we go but where do forgotten umbrellas go?

Monday, June 17, 2024

Elephants pants here we go but where do forgotten umbrellas go

The time my long lost elephant pants made a return and we went for a casual stroll!

Hi folks! Guess what, it's another day for another entry. I thank you for still coming back to check this old blog out. I know it's ancient but I'm still out here blogging because I really enjoy it. I don't know if you know but most probably not because nobody remembers lost garments of other people. I wear this a long time back. The pair of airy & billowy elephant pants. Because of the stuffed situation on my closet, I lost the pants in the great tangle of clothes but fortunately, the pants decided to show up one fine day and it was a perfect there to wear them out. So yay! For me.

For the casual walk that day: I kept the outfit loose and casual to match the tropical weather. The top is a thick cotton in a relaxed silhouette that is of a muddy grey color. The green elephant pants are especially billowy and perfect for the hot and humid weather. The umbrella is in my favorite shade of cloudy grey but unfortunately, no longer around at this point of me writing these words. 

For the life of me, I don't know what happened to it. I carry the umbrella while walking on that day because it can get blinding as the sun shines bright and high in the sky in the evening. My blue walking shoes add a random pop of vibrant color to the casual walking attire. 

Enough about my casual walking garb, let's talk about you. How are you doing there today? It's been raining after it was scorching hot in the early parts of the day and now it's rather cold at night. I just spent some quality time with our furry angel cat, Aiden out by the porch and after a few moments of staring in adoration at the bright waxing moon and a sprinkle of twinkling stars, I headed back inside to raise my temperature with a cuppa tea. In Malaysia these days, the weather is a mixed bag of things recently but alas, I am grateful for another blessed day.  

My current bob hair length is shorter than pictured because I had grown adventurous with the scissors and razor comb. I will show you how short it is now. Check it out:

A bit of animated me to end this entry:

As for the grey umbrella that disappeared, a poem:

Oh why and where did you go, little grey umbrella yo?

Is there a place where forgotten umbrellas hang out

where you have gone to stay

before you become a shelter for someone...

on a miserably humid but pouring day?

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