Beauty in the mundane

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The time there's no water yet I still head out for a walk because this ancient soul needs a bath of breeze and sunshine.

Hey, it's June! Where did May go? Omg, time speeds up like nothing and I'm amazed by it. Do you feel how time flies too? It's something to notice. Though there was no water just now because of some pipe repair at the neighbor's place, I still managed to step out of the house and get some sunshine, whatever's left of it because the days have been quite intensely broody. There's nothing like a lot of grey to get one excited for some bit of Vitamin D and a random breeze, which I did get to absorb while out in the garden to walk as nature did her thing all around me. 

Other humans were around too but not as many as during the holidays. I'm thankful to have tons of space to myself. The public garden is one of the way popular ones here and it's got a little magic in it that I find myself drawn to brisk walking in circles all around the place. The birds can be charming little croaking critters and among the crow birds, there are many fluffy pigeons and little pipits and giant crane birds and eagles which I have been blessed to spot. There's fish, turtle and even the gorgeous monitor lizard. They are all happy to be home where they are.

Intermission: I need to eat. I'm famished. It's that time of the month, again. To remind me: I am quite the biological woman #lol 

I am back:

For some reason, reading the previous line before I left to slurp a bowl of tomyum spaghettis reminded of an old story when I was a wee thang. Pre kindergarten years. I imagined myself playing pretend as a boy for the whole day because I decided that I would do that the night before. I don't think anything was especially different in my experience except that I wanted people to refer to me as a 'bro' and that was it. It's something funny I did/pretended to be that is still stuck in my head. Hoping that I will still be able to recall this particular story when I turn into my golden years. Oh my goodness, sorry folks. I go into a random tangent because I tend to let whatever that comes in the headspace go on the blogspace. Most of it is mundane but that's because there is beauty in the mundane, isn't it?

There I go again. Ok, for goodness' sakes: Let's now get into the casual walking outfit. 

Yup, it's another walking outfit. A repeat of sorts. Just an old owl tee, sunnies, blue sports cropped leggings, blue sports shoes and my bobbing bob hair. Oh and a waist bag/fanny pack to chuck a few vital things.

That's it! And here's a little of me in motion:

I hope you're all in the pink of health and if you're under the weather, let yourself rest so your body can recover. Till the next one, take precious care <3

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