Trees are falling & my hair is bobbing

Friday, May 17, 2024

Trees are falling & my hair is bobbing

The time I show you a whimsical walking outfit that has animal print and a shorter hair because it's not just summer here, it's sauna weather.

Even though I love being under the arms of trees on hot breezy evenings, the intermonsoon season has revealed that trees fall and can take you straight to the other side. It's quite a thing to notice how a tree slides from where it's been standing from within a vehicle. From within the buffered metal cave at a safe distance, the scene looks interestingly mild. I was in the car while a tree from the opposite side decided to come down while no vehicle was passing through that lane. From a safe distance buffered in a vehicle with its vehicular sounds, the tree sliding down in contrast was silent and almost 'soft' but in reality trees falling down on moving vehicles and people and structures can have a lethal effect. 

Even though I kind of knew this but it was a knowledge acquired from a safe distance, in news or articles of other people perishing from a tree falling over them or with them inside a vehicle. It's been pouring and thundering during this time in Malaysia and trees are prone to falling. It's technically called uprooting as the soil gets super saturated with water that the roots are basically unable to hold on to mother earth and the tree becomes another object that loses its balance and topples down. These days, I find myself looking at tall trees when it gets too stormy and telepathically sending them thoughts: Please let me go through safely before coming down. #lol

About the outfit: the Bob Dylan tee is from ages ago from when the Reject shop used to be around. If my memory serves me, this old tee is from the time where malls were malling and trendy (as compared to now in my small town, it just has a different vibe altogether or that, I am just getting old. The pants were from my mom's pick from when we went shopping and aren't they just the cutest, in the fierce way that a wild cat wears her skin? There's a waist belt there in the middle from Karrimor. The walking shoes are the comfiest and the blue shade makes me happy.

I'm taking back what I said about the malls. The malls have definitely gone through a cycle because well, I've been in them in my growing up years where it's still all cash-centered and people only use phones for only necessary. Nowadays, there's a different vibe to it precisely because there's this thing that is getting in the way of simple interaction/communication. 

A young girl working at the counter was asking me if I knew the pastry I was choosing the right one and I really didn't know what to say except that in my head I was telling her: if I was working there, I would, maybe? LOL. These are steamed red bean buns amid other steamed buns with other fillings. So, how would I know as I just stepped into the shop a few minutes ago. On a good note, I found that the hazelnut latte there was excellent. 

Even though there's positive in things that speed up processes but I'm starting to think, some very vital things like common sense is slowly lagging as the robots take over. Just my two cents. Don't make me go on about the other time when I was attempting to communicate with a person minding the poultry area because I wanted to get some chicken wings and it felt like I was in a twilight zone...

My middle age era has officially started #LOL

A little bit of animated me standing around feeling my hair (it's now even shorter!):

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