The Advantages Of Chickpea Flour And Turmeric For Facial Treatment

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Advantages of Chickpea Flour and Turmeric for Facial Treatment

Hello. It is me again. I realized that I forgot to mention about the benefits of using chickpea flour with turmeric for your face. So now that I am here, I will share them with you. As everybody knows, we put things on our faces so that they will do them some good. So here are the good things about using chickpea flour.

It really is a gentle skin exfoliater, so that when you are trying to wash the paste off your face, you can actually use your fingers and gently rub your face in a upward circling motion. It stimulates the blood circulation of your face and at the same time rejuvenates your skin cells. Notice that even after the first application, your facial skin will look much fairer and it really helps in removing dead skin cells that stop your skin from looking brighter and young.

Now, lets move to the beauty benefits of turmeric. Using turmeric powder to combine with your other ingredients in a facial mask helps the skin to become clearer and radiant. Turmeric also reduces skin infections and gives them a natural glow. If you are of a lighter skin tone, make sure to mix only a very small amount of the turmeric powder as the it can actually stain your skin with a slight yellow-tangerine colour. For darker skin tones, it is alright if you use a little bit more of the turmeric powder. Do this according to your personal preference. Apart from that, using turmeric will help to lighten scars caused by acne and even out skin discoloration.

I hope that you will try to incorporate these herbal inexpensive ingredients into your skin care routine. You know your skin best and use these home herbal facials wisely as they may not be necessarily the best for everybody.

Take Care. Keep on smiling :)

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