Experimental Home Made Facials

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Experimental Home Made Facials

Lately I have been obsessed with home made remedies for my oily face. With oily face, it is natural if I complain of my open large pores. It is really a problem to me because I am the one person who sees details and when I see these sort of details on my facial skin, I freak out. I have blemishes, though not so acne prone these days, and some skin discoloration or uneven skin tone. Sometimes I get zits, but not as bad as the last flare-up I had last year.

Don't you want to know what triggered that flare up of crazy red pimples with crazy zits? I will tell you. At that period of time, I was already stressed, emotionally but any health care article would say that stress alone will not be the big factor here. It could be a contributing factor, but not the Mother of all Factors. It plays with your immune system, gets it all lame and stupid. So, stress could have slowed down the healing process.

Did I tell you: My skin is of the combination type: oily T-zone with dryness around the cheek area. What I should not have done was, to use a couple of weird creams and strong toner on my face. If I can pin-point to what was the direct cause, it would that darn alcohol-toner that my mother was using that I decided to use too! Wrong move.

NEVER EVER use alcohol based toner on a combination skin. At least, from my personal experience, it had cause a very blown-up horrible break out that to this day, I still shudder when I think of it. The key here is, try not to be such a creative freak by using a bunch of face products that you do not know what the contents are. Seriously, I know of some people who think that the more stuff that they put on their face, the better the skin would appear. It is an Illusion!

It's just some twisted sense there, influenced by silly advertisements and female craziness. Okay scratch the last two words. Im kidding. But really, say you're staying with a friend who is crazy over make up and facial products and keep buying them every chance he/she has. Don't tell me you wont get influenced, because you will. One day you WILL put some of that facial mask she bought. Next day, you will apply some of his face cream. Then, you will take some of his facial scrub. And on and on. UNTIL you have successfully destroyed your skin. THEN you will stop.

Fact: What people do not realize is, each individual's skin type is unique. If your friend's skin is the dry-normal type and yours is a straight combination-oily type, and you keep using his or her stuff, Please, DO NOT BLAME YOUR FRIEND, for not warning you to not put his or her Clinique Dramatically-Different Moisturizing Cream on your face.

That was what happened to me. I started to get depressed looking at my acne-triggered face, and before I could stop myself, I was ready to blame my poor poor mom. That was besides the point.

Point is, I move on to Home made products.

So, after my skin cleared up, I started to use baking soda face mask/scrub. Seriously, for oily skin, it works wonders. It also helps to tighten pores, just after one application, you can see the difference.

I am saying baking soda as in Sodium Bicarbonate, not the other type you use to bake cookies or cake. There is a huge difference there. So, keep this in mind. Sodium Bicarb does not dry up your skin as it has a neutral pH, and it also stimulates the growth of new layer of young skin cells.

Another thing I use, quite often these days is Chickpea with Turmeric Mask. This is also good for oily skin, so you oily people MUST try this. Chickpea flour is also called Gram or Dhal flour. You can get it at any supermarket near the herbs and spices corner. Bring your mom or aunt, when you go shopping. It's used in Indian cooking. Turmeric? Its another spice, that is used in cooking too. What I do is, I take 2 table spoons of Chickpea flour and like 1/4 teaspoon of Turmeric and mix it with water. Just like that. Apply the mask on your face and let it dry.

I'll end it right here. My back is killing me. See you in the next post then. Till then, take care. Smile.

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