My Umm mm.. Rusty Writing?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rusty Writing

I have been thinking about writing something engaging but seriously when I do pick up the imaginary pen here on Blogger I am stumped. I have a compromised flow of ideas. My sentence comes out jagged and when that happens I stop in the middle of a sentence, slightly annoyed and baffled, unable to move forward.

It is the writer's block they say. Okay, let's just try a topic. What should I write about.

I don't fancy insects and when they come flying out of nowhere right into my face or near the periphery of my vision, you will mostly hear a house-of-horror sort of scream that will definitely annoy you to bits.

Trust when I say that I am not much of a noise maker, but when I scream due to fits of fear of these creepy crawly beings I am really loud. My sister has a huge fear of spiders. So when I get freaked out because of the presence of a certain spider at the corner of a ceiling or near a wall or on the floor, she claims that my scream gives her a heart attack more than anything.

My freaking out, freaks her. So it seems.

The same thing did occur just yesterday when she needed me and mom to help her clean up her freaky looking disgustingly dirty new place of stay. A tiny insect was flying and it kept flying around me. Earlier we were all freaked out from a white moth looking thing, so I was a bit charged up. So when this tiny insect kept flying around me, I screamed.

And my sister? She screamed at me! Then I screamed at her for screaming at me. And then, she had the audacity to ask me to stop doing that; screaming when I am freaking out, because it makes her go crazy. Did I just scream on purpose? NO. So, I told her: I am not screaming on purpose so please lay off of me.

There is no point in this story really. I am just trying to gauge my flow of ideas, and word-play that has been a little rusty these days.

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