Word Meditation

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Word Meditation

It has been raining, water and dusts all mixed together. The heat has vanished, along with the mixed feelings that you have felt, a few days back. The cat is sleeping, the house is silent, the dogs are't barking, nobody is talking.

There are words, when spoken they make up a sentence that can kill the soul or the life of your spirit. You start to fall, a very long, distant fall to the bottom pit you will not be able to reach. Your mind and senses shut off.

Then, comes the stilness. You are in the dark, and the only light that shines, comes from the innermost center of your heart. The heart bleeds, your skin is tainted by salty crystals. You lie down stuck. You are moving yet there are no movements visible to the sight of another person watching.

You dream, a dream of dreams with no recollections of reality in between periods of wakefulness. If you hold out your hand to the wall, it slips through. If you raise your legs to stretch, you are flying.

Out of control. Like the eye of the tornado, it spins. You are not your body, your mind is in a drift. It drifts, your body leaves, you are suspended mid-air just watching another body down below. Unreacting.

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