Vampire Fascination

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vampire Fascination
My fascination with vampires started with Twilight. I might say that it is just a fun-superficial admiration of their steely confidence and out-of-the-world ability that got me hooked. I also associate dark makeup with vampirism, which I find super-sexy.

I am not a real-life vampire, so you can stop stalking or mocking me. It is just a plain fascination that is all. I can't quite put it into words, but there is something about the vampire aura, a combination of the love for danger and eccentric drive of passion, that makes vampirism exciting. Of Course, You don't have to agree with me, just indulge me.

With me, personally, the idea of a vampire that struck a significant cord with me, is the nocturnal side. I love the night, the moon, and the darkness that the night brings. I love the night simply because it is not harsh to my eyes, to the skin, to my mind. And the noise-factor again plays into the equation. It is quiet at night and my ear drums get to heal. Didn't I tell you, I am noise-sensitive?

For all the day lovers, I have nothing against the light of the day. The sun is good, I know that. I just like to sleep all throughout the day, and wake to greet my night. Unlike the literature vampires, I don't experience extreme skin burning sensation from mild sun exposure. With the heat these days, some people do get burn. So wear sunscreen if you don't own a coffin. Not funny, I do own a coffin. An imaginary coffin, that is. I wish I owned a coffin bed, though. I’ll build one myself. Ha-ha.

Another feature of vampirism made popular in literature is the blood-drinking fetish. The only blood that I have tasted is mine and I don't particularly fancy the metallic taste of it. Let alone sucking up a cup of fresh warm blood from the unfortunate neck of some poor human. Too much blood makes me squeamish, so no-thank-you.

I know that there are claims made by people, telling the world that they are indeed real-living vampires with real blood fetish. Check out Real-life Vampire, but I have to warn you that these people may actually be deluded.

Getting back to my ramblings, another vampire trademark would be the famous pale, ghostly appearance about the face (and all parts of the body). Unfortunately, I am not blessed with that vampirish pallor. I am brown you see, so I will never get to be as ghostly white pale as Edward Cullen! (No drooling or eye-rolling, please) Oh, you’re drooling over me? That’s okay, go ahead.

The natural way I could achieve that pale-dead-looking skin is by starvation, which is lame really, unless I decide to go all-Hollywood and slap on a paste of white foundation makeup the way they have it done for the vampire-actors of Twilight. But I refrain myself from casting an idiotic impression, thus save you from cursing. How sweet am I?

On a very tiny side note, besides being into vampirism, I am also into vampire-photoshopping people's portrait photos. So, if you have a cool photo and would like to be a hot vampire-in-the-picture, please email me.

Just make sure, you're hot, first. In the picture, at least.

"I am neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, I am a man, I am a vampire." -Michael Romkey (I, Vampire) "I had seen my becoming a vampire in two lights: The first light was simply enchantment... But the other light was my wish for self-destruction." -Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire
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