My Game Of Word-Play

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Game of Word-Play

If you have been reading or stalking me for some time, you would have realized that I call writing skills or abilities as Word-Play.

I indulge in two approaches of Word-Play whenever I am on a writing-roll or when I have nothing at all to write about. One method is through preconceived ideas that I have already thought about in my head. In this approach of writing, I have an idea or subject carved clearly in the rocks of my mind.

I will show you the word-play from an idea that I have thought about for a while or actually this morning, as I was rolling sleepless in my bed.

Word-Play 1 : Those policemen who stood by looking and doing nothing while watching the disrespectful acts of men who were not happy about the building of another religion religious sacred ground, should put themselves in the shoes of the people whose religion was being made a mockery.

In this sentence, I used the first type of word play, writing with an idea that has formed a concrete structure in my mind and letting words to wrap around the idea.

In the next approach, which I use every time my hands feel like typing something, but my head is void of any specific idea. It is sort of a favorite approach of mine, where I let the words to come out as I my hands aimlessly type any words before an actual whole idea forms in my head. It is also called 'aimless scribble', which can turn into a really good story, if you use it well with creative imagination.

Word-Play2: It is a white haze of blur that washes over her as she buries her dead pet-fish at the small patch of soil, preserved for this kind of gloomy occasion.

Now, as a reader, when you read both of the two sentences that come from two different word-play approaches, you will not actually know the difference between the two as you are not given the gift of reading my mind whilst I construct those sentences, apart from noticing the differences in the subject matter used. (obviously)

The point I am making here is: There are so many ways that you can let your thoughts flow in order to have finally gotten some word-flow going on as you squeeze the juice of your brains out to finish an essay assignment, mindless blog write-up, or an absolutely waste-of-time scribble that nobody will read.

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