How To Calm Your Nagging Partner?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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An email by someone suffering from nagging compels me to write. Here it goes.

Somebody wrote me an email asking if I could help him in dealing with the constant nagging committed by his special other whom he clearly dearly loves. At first, I was taken aback by this peculiar message wondering if I have been trolled by someone I know but it was apparent that I was under the influence of early dementia as I completely forgotten about the much popular blog post I'd penned down about nagging mothers way back when dinosaurs roam.

Firstly, thank you dear anonymous reader for considering me as your go-to expert on nagging issues and solutions. Now, I will try my best to be useful in the way that I know best although I did turn into a bit of a nag which is not that unpredictable following my intense fascination with the topic of my own mother's favorite past-time. May I remind you that one of the most effective methods to stifle the nag is to start nagging yourself? So, here I am a self-aware nag reporting that I have grown tired of hearing my verbal diarrhea and shall utilize this post as a mirror to study my own reasons for nagging which may or may not be revealed in the points below.

If your significant other who is most likely be female like me is a serious nag, PLEASE:

1. Attempt to understand why the nagging happens. This usually is ignited by something that you've done or about to do. If this is not the case and worse, happens whenever you two are in the same space without any reason, limit time spent in that space to about 5 minutes. Distraction like a visit to the loo can be very helpful especially when accompanied by genuine release of odorous bodily gas while you are in the space. Remember to wear a look of excruciating pain and panic as though you are about to poo your pants while running out of the beloved nag's way. You will be spared from unnecessary nagging only if you speed away really quickly. A slow stroll will expose your ruse.

2. Listen attentively for as along as you possibly can but never show a sign that you are utterly frazzled or annoyed. A show of exuberance about the face even if you're cringing inside is a great ammunition to the throttle of words taking into account that the nag may simply be so into you and your happiness. When she gets to a point where she is becoming annoyed from the unexpected positive response she is receiving from you, immediately fake an upset, should the nagging is used as a tool for pissing you off. This involves deep observation. Some nags like the power they have over people. Some nags are just good people pushed to the edge by their own genuine concern or insecurity. Find out the kind of nag that your partner is to find the right strategy to apply.

3. Don't ever disrupt the nag while she is on a roll. There may be a gem of insights to be received from such an intense solo spouting match. Let the nag have a go at it while you view it from a safe distance (if possible) the way you would view a sports game. Do not smirk or indulge in any sort of cheeky sarcastic remarks at any point until the nag has had her say. This can last from a short 5-minute to a full-blown nag attack of up to 2 hours at which point the nag may be a philosopher in disguise or a total loon that gets off on traumatizing people with a form of nagture (an innocent nagging that mutates into a hardcore lecture).

Have any other remedies to nagging problems? Share below!

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