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Sunday, November 16, 2014

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“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.” ― Khalil Gibran

Remember the little temporary high we experience from shopping in real stores? Funny, it feels like ages ago. Not that we don't ever do that now, we do, of course. But the feeling is not the same, isn't it? With virtual online shopping taking over, the on-the-ground raw and gritty act of shopping is one of the things we take for granted as many now confess to being such a compulsive shopper. I am a virtual window shopper though ogling tons of stuff only to leave them rotting in a virtual shopping cart. Let the virtual store haunt and stalk me with tantalizing offers just to get me to empty my pocket.

Love & Hate Tango with Zalora Malaysia

Zalora started off this way for me. At first, I was excited following registration. This soon turned into annoyance. A little explanation would be helpful in this case.

The daily email from Zalora was the main problem. Well, when you're just warming up to the idea of buying from what you think is a cool store, it's like saying hi to someone that you sort of like but do not know in depth yet to go nuts about and when the encounter is over and you go back, you find there is a bunch of letters now jammed into your physical and virtual mail boxes from said person, you cringe realizing that you have found yourself a true stalker in a form of an online shop. You take the letters in only to chuck them all out. So, that was the beginning of our little relationship.

For months, I refused to entertain their offers of marvelous deals and sales, which were to be honest a little too much and in my face? The sales were practically by the hour. I guess with instant-everything, they had to go at it by the minute.

Seduced By Zalora's Strategic Advertisements

While I was putting Zalora on ignore, their banner ad showing precious canvas shoe in red and white stripes kept teasing me subconsciously to buy it. Oh, aren't I so cute, so within reach, don't you just want to buy me? And with that, my guard came tumbling down. I made the purchase along with a shirt for a sibling and soon found myself in a state of anticipation.

Online Impulse Shopping = Pain + Regret

A pair of shoes that were too small for my feet (my fault) and an oversized shirt with a sheer back stared at the fool which was me. Why didn't I measure my foot accurately? Why did I measure only my right? Why did I measure too closely to my foot? Didn't I know that shoes aren't meant to be second-skin? Why didn't I get the correct size for the top which I had planned to give to my petite sister? How was she going to wear this balloon of a shirt? It was clear then that I should never ever shop on the impulse online (or offline). I knew this and yet it dawned on me how very irrational we are (okay, I am) when it comes to shopping. I don't do this much in real life but there you go, the power of goods parading in the screen and invisible money waiting to be spent. Like a drooling furry cutie-pie of a doggy, the bone was to be blamed for making me gnaw it. So, that was a disaster on the online shopping front. Until I met my trusty online perfume merchant, The Fragrance Avenue that is, but that's a different story.

Anyway, I still have in my possession the darn shoes, but it's too rainy now to ram my big feet into the water-absorbing footwear. I have yet to wear the shirt, unfortunately.

Lesson Learned: Shop Consciously

After learning the lesson in what never to do while shopping online, I made my second order with so much awareness, I was proud of myself when three cool bags arrived ! It's always a hit and miss when you aren't familiar with the brand you're buying but with these bags, they are worthy of the price. I made sure to study them in detail and compare prices with other equally similar-looking bag styles. Now, my mom uses her small bag routinely as she has no love for lugging giant bags around. My sister has a sleek black backpack. And I have a studded one that is especially sturdy and chic.

Hello, Zalora Brand Ambassador

Fast-forward to a few weeks after that, I was invited to join the Zalora Brand Ambassador Program and well, to cut the story extra short - I am one now of their ambassadors. With me being their ambassador, you will find posts about clothing, bags and accessories that I see myself wearing and also something that you, my readers will hopefully like on Fashionista NOW. I'll feature my favorite items based on trends that catch my interest.

I am not much of a promoter kind of gal as I really can't fake liking things that I don't. So, I will say that while I like some of the things on Zalora, you might not. That's cool, in fact, I loathe many things even from the people/animal I like. So, I'll stick to keeping it real by disclosing if and when I am sharing something that I am affiliated with. Does that sound alright? Do you have any questions? Shoot them all down below, I'd love to hear from you!

Are you NEW to Zalora?

If you are, then this offer is for you as long as you reside within Malaysia and Brunei. Get a 15% OFF on your first purchase from Zalora Malaysia by keying this promo code at checkout: ZBAPedJ

Remember to double-check to see if the items you are purchasing fall under the non-sale category as promo codes do not apply to these particular brands. To find out about the brands, click HERE so you'll get to use the code accordingly.

That is all for now! Do you have any experience shopping with Zalora? Are you affiliated with them? Say hi and share your thoughts below as I'd love to hear from you.

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