Poem: Worm Moon

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Poem: Worm Moon

The time you get to read a poem inspired by the super moon.

Hi friends! I'm delighted to share with you a poem inspired by the super moon situation we're currently blessed to experience.

I read that it's also referred to as the super worm moon as earthworms travel away to leave their thawing soil homes to arrive on the top soil as birds gather to have a feast! In my head though, I'd imagined army of worms performing worm-related duties and dances on the moon and when I deepened my reverie into this thing called the 'worm moon' I started to think of moons made up of wriggly worms. Yes, yes, delightful visions, I know.

Even as our eyeballs capture the moon as being larger than usual at these times when the moon is nearest to earth, it's humbling to acknowledge that our sight are unable to visualize the dome shape of the sky and thus, made a visual calculation that the moon is larger than normal. Kind of like our female perception during that time of the month. No matter how outrageously gorgeous we appear, well, according to an optimistic onlooker, we can't help but to see an otter in the mirror. No offense to otters as they're mad cute. But otter-looking humans? Hmm, that's the brain on pre-period and during period.

Back to the super moon stuff..

The moon is still the same moon except that it is closer. During the super moon, ocean tides are affected by it as well as the behavior of birds and other animals, including the earthworms mentioned and I'm sure humans too but since we're all too in the brain we'd like to think we're above it all but deep down inside we know we're ready to do that moon dance. Bee tee dubs, I know nothing of the earthworms holiday excursion up to the top soil level until I read it today. It's amazing to know there's a lot I know zero about! I hope some of these earthworms will survive their vacation.

Anyway, here's the poem that came to be as I sat with my eyeballs glued to the moon tonight. I hope you will take time to enjoy giving the moon that romantic googly eye look even if it's for 3 minutes straight. I'm going to go join my cats for a half-an-hour sesh.

Enjoy reading - I hope these words take you somewhere.

Poem title: Worm Moon

Super moon night,
Cast your light
Deep into the hearts,
Of those that find glimpses
Of you tonight..

Super moon bright,
Raise the energy
So our spirits,
May take flight
As we rest
In profound
wordless insights..

Super moon light
Settle under
our thin vessels,
Dwell within
Each cell of our being,
May our shining
Remind another,
The moonlight
Emanating from within

Super moon tide
Water the hurdles
and blockages clean,
May the paths,
Are made clear again
So we may
Float along
with your currents..

Super moon glow
rain your rays,
on our skin,
make us sing..
Surrendering all,
And illusions..


The mosquitoes were having quite a feast on me as I spent some time with the moon. Cats were seeing things my eyes couldn't see and I gave up being a snack to the nibbly noisy insects. Major plus point besides the round moon? The midnight mountain breeze was sweet.

So, what do you feel when you read this poem? Share below - I want to know! Thank you for reading moon-gazers!

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