Poetry Sesh: Kind

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Poetry Sesh: Kind

Well, hello there earthlings! The time you get to read another poem is here! It's a nature-inspired meditative piece.

As promised, here's another poem for you to read.

It's inspired by one of the many moments where I was sitting with the cats at night staring into spaces together. We enjoy this very much because it's less about doing anything in particular and more about being in the moment. Receptive to what's taking place moment to moment. And feeling what is triggered within, letting it go and repeat until there is just a united witnessing field.

The cats, I'm pretty sure, were not thinking these things!

Don't know if I make sense. Hopefully, you will find something in it.

Enjoy the read.

Poem title: Kind

It's the kind of night,
snails take a slow walk
The kind of night
Spanish cherry blossoms
scent the air
The kind of night
a waning moon hides behind
a thin veil of wispy clouds
The kind of night
laughter travels
from a neighbor's home
The kind of night
creatures in the bushes sing
The kind of night
a swift breeze
playfully surrounds you
with its cold misty arms
The kind of night
cats stare into spaces
and then continue grooming
It's the kind of night
the sound of a brown leaf
tumbling down from the tree
makes your heart jump
The kind of night
stars blink,
and you feel it twinkling
somewhere deep inside..
The kind of night
to take a bath
in gratitude
for everything is right
as you nestle
in the cozy nest of
the kind of night
a heavenly tune
plays within its silence,
The kind of night
the line between you
and the outer world
thins out into nothing...


What do you feel when you finished reading the poem? Share below - I'd love to know your thought!

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