Poem: Garden Genies

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Poem: Garden Genies

The time I unleashed a poem that was inspired by my garden-strolling and sprinting.

Hi friends, I'm back!

I did mean to delight you all with a few outfit posts but a poem felt like the best thing to share first after all this time. And we all know, oh how we all love poems! Well, at least I do, especially when I have them expressed here for our appreciation.

Nothing beats letting the words out when they want to be out so, let's do it!

I had this poem vaguely forming in the back of my head while in the green. As I didn't immediately jot them down at the first few lines that came, it settled into a montage of feelings. I'd like to report that my session of sweating it out in nature has made me fallen into the depth of the wordless present and allowed me to feel at home wherever I happened to be.

It's quite a blessing to come into the space that's always there that somehow eluded me for most of my (unconscious) life.

Anyway, I won't bore you with my rambling as there is a poem waiting for you down below.

Please do enjoy it!

Poem Title: Garden Genies

In the evening, I walk,

Sometimes, I see dogs,

Vigilant presence,

wrapped in tranquility..

Blue birds, they fly,

Not so very high..

A spark of

electric colored wings,

Quietest on a rock,

Aiming for snacks..

Loudest in the air,

Warning of something,


possibly nearby..

Ants of various sizes,

forms and shades,

Glued in their paths..

Never-ending journeys

of ant-world eternities..

I see leaves mid-air,

Swaying and floating,

before reaching,

to kiss the ground,

Silent as can be..

Green leaves,

On tall branches,

Swing and rustle,

The evening magical

spirits are at it


A pair of eagles,

dot the sky,

So very high..

A slithery snake,

iridescent blue,

Rushes under a bush..

Away from,

thudding footsteps..

Lizards as long as

An arm of a palm leaf,

Resting their bones,

On the green,

Eyes on you..

Turtles basking,

On rocks,

Immersed in

the glossy sun,

Heads out,

And proud..

Winds sing,

Pace quickens,

A sprint begins..

Scent of earth,

Intermingling with pollutants,



A butterfly

Fleets by,

Sweat drips

Wiped out,

A sprinkle of

Heady summer rain

A small drop,

finds a spot,

to rest,

On my oily nose tip..


What do you feel when you read this poem? Be sure to share below! I'd love to know.

As always, thank you for spending your time here! I hope you'll find or feel something from reading this tropical garden-inspired poetry.

Till then, be always blessed!

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