Party pants: How on earth do you wear them?

Friday, April 16, 2021

The time I wore the loudest pants in the history of my wearing pants for the blog.

Hi folks, sup.

It's grumbling in the sky for hours now and there's slow rain wetting every surfaces as I type while sheltered in the house. 

Today's a gloomy day here in old Malaysia, the kind that inspires sipping on hot beverages and chowing down hot noodle soup. 

Or cheesy fries (I uploaded the image below - and a few others from the blogger app from the phone and realized that it would have been better if I did it on the laptop because there was no option/functionality to get them is the size I like...oh well.

Alas, this entry isn't about the yummy goodness on top but my outfit of the evening during the pandemic. When has it ever not be the pandemic, though. I look forward to that. For now, let me show you the pretty loud pants l have that were stowed away for so long in the dark corner of the closet because my stomach grew in diameter in my late twenties. Now, that l am back to slender, l can wear the patterned trousers and feel great. It's a tapered style of pants, cropped at the ankles and floral all the way in off-white on a canvas of blue.

Intermission picture of me drinking hot black fragrant tea.

Back to the outfit story:

I paired the pants with a lace detailed shirt featuring a batwing style sleeve. To keep up with the blue theme, l slipped into a pair of blue oxfords and a pair of blue striped clay earrings.

Lace detailing on the shoulder part of the top makes it all feminine and sweet.

That's the batwing sleeve to make room for space between a sweaty underarm and fabric. If you are fully acquainted with the heat here in Malaysia, you'll know, there's happiness in letting your underarms breathe this way to avoid having your sweat show up when you least want them to. It's okay when you're sweating it out while exercising. On a default sunny day here, sweat rolls out without effort and we're pretty blessed but these days, it's been storming and skies are prone to prolonged grumbling. I'm going to stop now, about the weather.

I'm sorry for the awful image quality here but it's got to do, for now! Aiden, the fluffy cat joined me for a display of ridiculous cuteness. He's so big and heavy but I love carrying him like a baby but boy, he is really heavy!

Collared, buttoned, lacy in the sleeve and ribbon-tie waisted for the cinch. I like to wear a flowy top when wearing a fitted bottomwear. It allows for some breathing room and okay, I'll admit it, the tummy must be free to expand after I'm done feeding. Sounds sinister when I put it like that. Feeding on food, guys. That's what I  meant.

Gotta show you the right side of my face to show you the right side of my ear gang. My ear lobe has a lot of space for more earrings but I'll keep it one hole per lobe, just because.

On the subject of earrings, have you seen the latest statement earrings in primary colors of red, blue and yellow by Shape & Hue I displayed on my insta-land? It's okay, if you're not on there, let me show them here instead. These are the dangling variety, a mixture of geometric shapes held by metal chains. So, they have a movement about them. The main blue triangle piece secured via a stud style back post.

Last picture:

What do you think of the outfit? Did I style them loud pants right? How would you style them? Share your thoughts down below, please and thank you! 

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