Pattern On Stripes

Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Pattern on stripes

The time I bore you with wearing the same plain old striped skirt but with something new on top: a buttoned and collared shirt that has a pattern.

Hi, what's going on in that beautiful head? Don't judge your head. It could be wonky. It's still perfect to me.

I  just took a refreshing bath and ready to share another outfit with you how I'd styled the same striped skirt you've seen in the previous post. Well, if you are new here, hey, welcome! 

But first, I'd like to show you my ear bling game. 

I'm amused by this shape as it's like a fun missile shape. There's nothing fun about real missiles. But this one, on the ear, in primary colors are pretty joyful and I'm surprised I quite like it hanging there as it's pretty big. It makes me feel extra popping when I don them. 

Thanks to Shape & Hue for such a ridiculously out-of-the-box earring style, urghh! Love them! In this photo, my hair wasn't cut yet. You'll see soon the results of my hacking with an old pair of scissors and a bladed comb. Thanks to YouTube, I'm never going to go back to the salon anytime soon. Well, thanks to the lockdown too. 

Anyway...this was the whole outfit. Very simple peeps. I've worn both of these in different outfit combos. The laceless shoes were chosen because I like to sporti-fy a feminine outfit. 

You may like a different footwear. Actually, I'm due to hunt me some sandals. But I'm so fussy and have a need for something with a backstrap and a good arch. Do you have any idea where I should be looking? I gravitate towards grandma style sandals and have no care for delicate heels of any sort. Manly sandals that are comfy would do too but I gotta have some backstraps because I walk like a pretty dinosaur.

So, I suck at planting anything but great at sniffing flowers. 

These greens that you see in the picture are planted by my green thumb of a mom. She does magic and sometimes, the seedlings become a plant and then, before you know it, a full-grown beauty. I love watering the plants in the evening on hot days though. And when I do that, I sometimes water the vehicles, cats, dogs that roam in the street and some random neighbor that walk by suspiciously by the bush. When I get into the watering mood, I really get into the zone. Something about cold water hitting hot concrete gets me enthusiastic. Fun fact, some people water their roofs on a hot Malaysian day because the heat & humidity here can make your brain cells engage in all kinds of ways.

I've yet to spray the roof of our home yet. It's been raining here some days and I thank Mama nature for regulating the temps. That being said, I don't really use AC unless it's extreme. And if I do, it's only for a while. Or, I'll make a a vehicular dash somewhere just to cool off while driving. Malaysians go nuts during a hot day and everyone will be on the road just to be using the AC there. My mom told us of a story when we were toddlers and cranky on a hot tropical summer evening. Parents would quickly get us in the car and drive heading nowhere until the kids (brother and I) fall asleep. These days, with the abundance of AC tech in homes of the privilege, they can just stay in the room and venture out when the sun has done glaring.

About the outfit, well, you've seen it by now. What do you think?

It's the simplest way I know to rock a print on print without overdoing it. 

So, that's it. I hope you're all in the pink of health and keeping a balanced eating routine! Take care and I shall see you in the next one.

Here's an Adyashanti quote to wrap this entry up:

"As soon as you believe that a label you've put on yourself is true, you've limited something that is literally limitless, you've limited who you are into nothing but a thought."

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