Dotted & Lined

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Dotted & Lined
The time I mix the most neutral of prints together and know they will work!

Hiya peeps!

It's slowly raining over here in a way that drags on. The ground is drenched. The cats have been fed. The kitten drank milk. I finally placed myself in a cozy spot to compose this post. A few birds are having a conversation.

How are you all getting on now that we are well over a year into the pandemic? What new adventures have you engaged yourself with? Tell me all about it in the space below after this post is done with, alright? 

That said, l will now segue into the outfit of the post. It's the easiest way to print clash. Dotted top together with a striped skirt all in a canvas of black and white. It can't go wrong, ever!

The top is such a lightweight summer piece while the skirt brings in a little weight but since it's short, my stems have a chance to catch some tropical breeze. While shooting, Aiden my fluffy ball of fur joined me. He decided to water the plants by the faux pond and the cuteness of his movements made my heart melt. 

He's such a gentle cat with a selective love for certain humans and is not easily chummy with other random cats. Tidus, his grey bro is the main cat he adores and tolerates. Loud and abrasive humans that feed him no food or milk are his least favorite. 

Oh look at how the cat totally hijacked my outfit story! Sorry about it folks as I am such a natural cat lady, even though I had a bit of a challenge reconciling my introverted side with being a mom to another new kitten. Dottie, is her/his name. A tabby that called to us by the side of a closed mechanic shop one night after dinner. The kitty's a gift we didn't expect and he/she is so soft to pet it makes me sing Soft Kitty in my head. Along with her, came Chippy, another kitty. If you're into cats and wanna look at them, be sure to follow my IG. 

Here's Dottie being pet by my hand. Chippy on my lap because it's sofa according to him:

Well, now that we have established l could go on and on about cats, let's tie up this post into a cute knot.

Before we get to that, I forgot to mention that I also wore a statement earring by Shape & Hue:


What do you think of my outfit?

Here's a quote to wrap this entry up:

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