What I wore to the porch

Thursday, February 18, 2021

What I wore to the porch

The time I wore something to the porch and revealed it to you.

Hiya peeps. It's another one of those outfit stories of my life and I blab about my hair.

Today, I am showing you what I'd worn that time in the evening out to the porch during quarantine. It's a quite simple combo.

I wore a DIY crop top in pastel pink (it was tunic length before and wrapped around my body uncomfortably so I decided to give it a chop) with a dark blue vintage skirt with a maple leaf print. 

My hair was in the midst of drying but I wanted to do a quick shoot and decided to go for it anyways so it was looking kind of rough but I usually do sport a messy do so there's that. My aesthetic when it comes to hair is to let the waves do their sweet thing. With the tropical sun out and my hair care game pretty on point and improved thanks to YouTube, I have nothing to complaint about. 

Also, have resorted to giving my mane my own layers, again thanks to YouTube. If anything has drastically and positively changed in lockdown town, it's me going back to cutting my own hair and eating loads of veges. For some reason, I keep watching mullet hair cuts done by various YouTubers at home and really loving their varied interpretations. I especially adore the modern shag mullets that can look extra bomb on textured hair types like mine.

Anyway, do you remember the 80s mullets? 

Well, those are hard to forget and I don't intend to get my hair to look like that. I like keeping the front parts of the hair a bit longer and instead of short bangs, I opt for a longer ones to match the overall length I'm keeping and growing. I'd stopped coloring my hair and learned that I have fine hair at this stage of my life. I'm happy that I've moved on to non-stripping shampoos and gentle conditioners. My hair has never felt and looked better. 

Okay, perhaps, not that visible in these pictures but right now, as I'm typing these words, my hair is healthy and shiny! It's amazing what we learn about our own natural hair when we stop doing unnecessary things to it!

Gosh, let me now bore you even more. Jokes

These are the pictures from the OOTD sesh:

Batik statement stud earrings handmade in Malaysia:

So, that's it from me for now, folks.

Thank you for spending your time here with me.

I'd love to know what is your current hairstyle and how do you like it? If you plan on having a new haircut, then what is the style you're going for? You know I love reading your comments so please send them long or short, I'll savor each one!

To end this entry, here's a quote by Mooji for you to ponder:

“The simplicity of Being, the naturalness of the Self, requires no technique, strategy, plan, knowledge, or learning.”

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