The buttoned & collared shirt to stop traffic

Saturday, May 15, 2021

The buttoned & collared shirt to stop traffic

The time I wore a buttoned shirt with bold yellow prints and lettering for the first time ever.

Hi folks, how are you?

It's Eid or Aidilfitri here in Malaysia. We're back on restrictive movement. Today the sun is out and l had a real good time sweating it out under the golden rays. I wore my shades throughout my brisk walk and took in the refreshing breeze with nose holes wide open. 

A lot of people in the park today but you can't blame them for wanting to be. Lavender blossoms fall fresh from their mother trees and a whole lot of limbs moving from where I am currently typing. I'm parked with a view of the sun setting and silhouettes of tall trees making a gorgeous visual experience for my eyeballs.

Thank goodness for this beautiful weather! 

So, about the bold top. 

I was doing a bit of a decluttering and found this treasure tucked into a corner of the closet I shared with my sis. I wore it and kind of liked the vibe. Can't believe something like this is just decaying in the narnia of the closet. But then again, I can expect to be surprised with my half-arsed decluttering strategy.

It's a huge collared buttoned down shirt with black and yellow motif. It's from ages ago and belonged to my mom and even she couldn't recall. But it's mine now. I was super stoked that I just wore it with my mustard floral shorts and boat shoes.

Here are the pictures as per usual.

How cute is this top? This is definitely a dupe of the popular brand I don't buy from. It's got the coin motif. I love how roomy it is. 

I wore it casually before stepping out with a different pair of earrings. 

The three marbled style clay stud earrings and striped ones for ears that pop. 

I wore it layered over a knit yellow top during the cold spell. By that I mean for less than an hour. 

Outside in the yard, I wore the shirt with mustard floral shorts hidden by the top and flat boat shoes.

So, there you go. The look with a shirt I had never worn out before. I hope to find new old pieces of garments to wear for the blog soon as we're back smack in lockdown town. I'm not really sure what on mars is happening out there but the rona times sure make things feel like mushy bananas.

Enough about me, what about you? What do you think of my top? Hahah. Jokes. Really, tell me about you. What top are you wearing? Is it as bomb as mine? Okay, no... I'm serious. Let's start again.

What did you munch on for a snack? Please do share, I quite enjoy snacking.

Take care and be your amazing self even when you're not.

Need a quick Netflix series to watch? Two words: THE SERPENT! 

See you in the next one, friends :)

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