Poem of the moment: Moonbathing

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Poem of the moment: Moonbathing

The time I share a poem with you!

Hiya peeps! It's been a hot second. How are you? 

I'm here with a poem that came to me. 

I hope it reads to you right.


Poem: Moonbathing

Moonbathing while the moon is bright

Moonbathing with cats in sight

Moonbathing in the deep part of the night

Moonbathing and the neon spirits alight

Moonbathing to break the twilight

Moonbathing and night birds take flight

Moonbathing and the stars flicker bright

Moonbathing and trees swing side to side

Moonbathing and the breeze sings and sighs

Moonbathing and a mongoose ambles through the night

Moonbathing to mirror the golden light

Moonbathing to send my angel guides

Moonbathing and fluttery moths fly into the light


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