How to wear shorts at home and nail the lockdown casual look?

Thursday, June 3, 2021

How to wear shorts at home and nail the lockdown casual look?

The time I wore shorts at home. Real casual. Easy as ABC. Get ready!

Hi folks! It's my second day of menstruation and I'm feeling kind of laggy. 

The weather is absolutely gorgeous and cool this evening in old tropical Malaysia but I am inside the house. It's one of those days where hibernation is high in priority but l am going to attempt to plan and organize content while I merge with the chair.

It's another lockdown town here and the overall quality of general outdoor sounds has improved as there are no bikes and heavy vehicles revving at the highway through the mountains behind where l live and quiet neighbors are quietly keeping a homebound lifestyle. I could go for a walk but l choose to stay in to write and pluck mom's purple Globus blooms and arrange them in a pot. Yes, yes, I might do that.

For now, let me show you how I'd styled a pair of floral mustard shorts. To keep with the shade, l opted a racer back cotton tank top. Because l was loitering around the porch, I wore a see through thong style slipper and called it porch casual

The younger cats joined me and they are the new furballs of our family. Tidus and Aiden are officially senior kitties so they kinda chillax in the background as the young ones play.

Dottie, the terrazzo patterned feline came to us one fine evening after we ate our dinner at one of our usual food haunts. 

She (dottie) meowed out loud while we were about to enter the car and I was compelled to check if the kitten was alright. Long story short, she came home with us and is one of the friendliest cats we've ever blessed to have to love. 

Here's Dottie playing with a plant. She's showing some inclination to garden and that's great because I only am ever there to pluck leaves and flowers.

Look at her! She's just being herself and already the atmosphere is improved!

Ants, insects, birds and leaves; pretty Dottie is curious about them all!

Kitty BFFs

Chippy, our new ginger cat has been the familiar neighborhood cat for a while and he grew to adore Dottie and because of their closeness, he started to adore us too which is a real tremendous gift, I must say. He reminds us of our old female ginger cat Chirpy (in heaven) with his warm personality and coloring. 

Play time for the cats

Now that I have presented to you the very important components of my porch casual outfit and the extensive details about the two new cats on our block, l hope you're able to get on with your day and live your lives to the fullest, lockdown or not. 

I will head out after a sip of water. I get quite parched when I tell interesting stories like this.

Talking about interesting things, I've uploaded a video of my refreshing the face area on YouTube. My apologies for the dire state of the audio recording. I wasn't sure what I was aiming for. Take a look, if you want to!

Please join me on Instagram if you're a proud cat lover. They'll be plenty of cat imagery to get your heart gooey.

Spanish Cherry Flower from Malaysia

Stay hydrated, nourish yourself with your favorite veggies, put your screens away before your eyeballs dry up and move your body.

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