Lords of opinions, I surrender to nobody

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Lords of opinions, I surrender to nobody

The time you get to see me in my blue jeans and neon leopard tank.

Hi peeps. The grasscutter neighbor of mine is terrorizing the tall greens behind the house. Cats are sprawled after drinking milk and the next door lady neighbors are having the a.c. on because they must be feeling the heat. Malaysia is the place to be if you're about warm and humid weather all year every year and even if it's pouring, the humidity will linger like a gang of thuggish ghosts and you can't just wear less items of clothing unless you're in the house or some private areas. 

Malls are on lockdown and only essentials are being sold. That being said, you can't be shopping for essentials for more than two hours at a time. Apparently, parks are off limits too now and I am supposed to walk around the "neighborhood" instead. I don't do that ever and I'm not going to start now. Haven't found a safe spot to do this and I prefer parks as opposed to roaming in the midst of residential homes with randomly barking dogs and suspicious neighbors.

I am already losing weight from the anticipatory intermittent shock from unsuspecting barks. Also, don't want to deal with unpredictable dogs which is weird considering l don't mind them at the park. Well, I will figure it out. The laundry is done washing and l will deal with that too. That begins with my lifting my behind.

For now, l am letting the sun calm down before l go out to test out Aiden's favorite cat mint on the two new young cats. Tidus doesn't care for cat mints. He's more of a milk enthusiast and is sleeping soundly now. Grass cutter neighbor is finally done. I hope he will spare the open burning for another day. We can't have smog-free life here in Malaysia because the second the weather becomes lovely, some people are compelled to be out burning a bunch of things like it's a darn hobby. 

My ramblings aside, how are you? What is new in your side of the world? I am going to rehydrate as l read your comments so drop them all down freely below!

These are photos to go with this post. Hope you will enjoy.

I love this neon leopard tank thrifted by mom!


I've seen opinion lords all over social media and l purposely take no part in the what's your opinion culture. It doesn't mean l am without thoughts. So are others who remain silent on their platforms. It's not all there is to life. To be opinionated all the time on every issue that gets a highlight is tiresome. 

Pop of statement clay earrings to perk up my mood.

My opinion with regards to having an opinion about some important topic is to be open to various thought streams, question things and allows for space to disconnect from all mental tsunamis. Life is happening right under our noses. It's mundane and beautiful. It's not as busy as our heads make them out to be. There is my paragraph full of opinions. Heh...

Hair in a pineapple style bun.

Here I am sporting the primary color clay statement earrings by Shape & Hue.

Well that's all for now. It's picture time! Oh wait. Is that over already? Sorry.

One last one:

Dottie joins me. She's so tiny!

Bonus rant regarding jogging in the time of lockdown: 

My brain cells fail to get behind the jogging rule during the lockdown. It's stupid really. Huge parks with spaces are closed. I remember the SOPs remind us to keep a distance. Now, you will be fined if you take your exercise there during the lockdown but they said they want us to keep fit and sane. Just walk in the place called your own neighborhood, they said.. We don't all live in SAFE mega spacious areas, you know. Bloody open the parks, please Malaysia. I don't see females running around in my neighborhood. Nobody's excited to take a walk down the street they live. My cats will follow me and that will have every dog barking and the bored neighbors will come out and the police will arrive. For what? So I can show them my ID and introduce myself to the law enforcement of the area that I reside in the area and feel proud? No thanks. I'll be in my compound exercising my eyeballs instead.

For those looking for some neon leopard top inspo: I thought perhaps, you might like these:

Neon Leopard One-Piece

Neon leopard one-piece

Neon Green Blue Leopard Crop Tee

Neon Green Blue Leopard Crop Tee

Pink Leopard Crop Tee

Pink Leopard Crop Tee

Multicolor Leopard Fringe Crop Top

Multicolor Leopard Fringe Crop Top

Till the next one, folks. I hope you all take good care of yourselves and have a bowl of colorful vege and fruits and don't forget, to munch on your favorite nuts!

I let Mooji end it with this one:

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