Once again it's dots & lines

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The time I paired some dots with some lines once again. 

You can't start a line without a dot. And lines are collection of continuous dots. 

Forgive me for starting this entry this way. I try to entertain but it's clear that I'm entertaining myself. This outfit formula has been done previously in a post titled Dotted and Lined where I had combined wearing a black and white polka dotted shirt with the same striped skirt. It was a monochrome black and white kind of outfit then. 

Today, I'm spicing things up with an almost similar outfit in terms of the print mix but the top is in green and white. This ancient top came from a long time ago. I still wear it because I love how soft and fitted it is. I wore it with the front to the back just because I sometimes like to do that with tops to see if I can get a new second neckline out of one top. 

So enough about me fussing over the top, let's talk about you. What's up? How are you doing? 

Back to me:

I have a green apple sitting right next to the laptop where I'm typing and I'm telling you because I might be taking bites out of it in a while. It's frankly a lovely early morning here where only ghosts are out and the silence is simply breathtaking. Other than the fan whirring behind me, I'm engulfed by a cloud of fluffy tranquility and when I look to the left, the green apple quietly tempts me to bite into it. I might, soon. Stop distracting me, apple!

Nobody requested but here are the photos for your viewing.

In this photo, you can see the V-neckline that usually faces the front. But I was feeling extra adventurous. I decided to let the back of my neck be accentuated by wearing the top with the front facing the back. Genius? I pat myself in my own back.

Here, I just stood there looking intensely at the camera.


This pretty colorblocked earring is from Shape & Hue. I always feel extra chic when my ears are adorned by these statement clay beauties. They're popping and all my tiny earrings now hang back in the jewelry case because I'm into large ones where you can spot from a distance. With all the social-distancing going on, bigger earrings fit right into the mood, I feel. But of course, it takes a bit of maneuvering when I'm putting my face mask on.


How it looks on my right ear lobe. 

Next, the outfit print mix up-close and personal:

I do the lemur pose pretty expertly, I must say. I just let my hands hang. That's the trick, peeps. You must try it.


In case, you forgot how the earring looks on my right side and don't want to scroll up....

So that's it for now from me. I hope you're all taking care of your good selves. Be sure to drop a comment if you feel like it. I know I like reading them!

Take care and to those celebrating Eid, have a good and socially-responsible one! 

In Malaysia, open houses are officially cancelled and you're not allowed to visit the graveyard. I have no complaints. I'm always excited for closed houses anyway and who even goes to the graveyard and form crowds there. 

Mind is acutely boggled. 

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