How to style batik sarong for a comfy Eid at home?

Saturday, April 24, 2021

The time I show you how I style a batik sarong for an Eid-at-home low-key festive look.

Hello friends!

How are you? It's another day of filling up this space with a batik-inspired outfit that's perfectly suited for celebrating Eid with the cats at home. I've worn the batik sarong before in an outfit post about three years ago, if you're interested in another casual interpretation of it.

The batik sarong takes me back down into my childhood memory alley. Both my late grandmas wore them all the time at home and theirs were the traditional kind that needed to be expertly wrapped and tied around the waist. I am utterly useless at making or tying knots and thus am appreciative of the modern batik sarong that is already in a skirt format, you know, the one with a zipper to secure everything at the waist.

For an Eid at home look inspired by the reality of the present world situation, I paired it with a pretty retro buttoned up blouse that has a lace detailing. I chose to wear the blouse with the front lacy neckline facing behind. The soft V-neckline is such a mood that I really love the look of it when worn this way. 

I also tucked the blouse into the batik sarong. Completed the look with a pair of cross strap wedge sandals in choc brown. The batik is a pretty picture and I just love looking at the intricate motif on the pretty long skirt. This one's from Sophea Batik.

I still face the challenge of walking steadily while wearing a tapered skirt like this because I tend to walk fast for no absolute reason. The long skirt has a high slit where the pleated parts are located so it can be worn with a sassy mod twist that allows for leg displaying. 

In the picture below, I successfully displayed my lower torso for my hungry cats to appreciate and they decided to take a nap.

And then I stood around to just stand around, which you can see here:

And then, I did the squat pose for dramatic effects:

Actually, I was trying to hide the full view of my head as the hairstyle didn't translate. In other words, very messy and sticking onto my sweaty face. Thank you humidity. But, look: the batik looks oh so good, right?

Well, there you go. My idea of a casual batik sarong OOTD for chilling at home while making my late grandmas in heaven beaming with pride. 

What do you think of the look? Tell me your thoughts! Even if you dislike it, I like all kinds of comments. Please don't censor yourself! 

Other Batik Inspired Outfits I've Worn In the Past:

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Batik scarf worn many ways: 

Batik patchwork shorts to slay the quarantine life in style:

Here's how I kept it dark and broody with a batik print flared maxi skirt:

Here's a combo of a short batik skirt with green spaghetti strap top:

**Click on the image to go to the post! Now, tell me how would you go about styling a batik skirt? Share below! Do you have batik childhood stories to spill? Do please kindly spill the tea. Till the next one, I wish you rain when it's scorching hot, rainbows on a gloomy day, a cheerful birdsong and tender breeze that smells of mysterious blooms. Take care!

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