I tried a pinafore dress look

Saturday, November 13, 2021


I tried a pinafore dress look

The time I tried a pinafore dress look by layering a dress with very low neckline over a sleeveless shirt.


What's up? It's another day here in old small town Malaysia and I'm having my period. First day. After days of consistent drizzling (talking about rain), I feel my head is currently quite soggy. It's period brain day today.

Anyway, I wanted to pop by this space and get these photos up because they have been in the queue, a quite long one. Before the year's over, I'm aiming to post a lot more outfit posts so stay tuned if you're into peeking at my casual dressing style. Heh. Other than that, I don't know what to say.

Let's get straight into the look then, shall we? The red dress is a little too risqué to wear on its own because the low neck is pretty low but I got nothing there to show. Haha. I decided to layer the dress on top of a sleeveless daisy print button-down shirt. The boots completely broke after this shoot so there's that. PU stuff really is a waste of time and bad news for Mother Earth. I've stopped buying these faux leather things because they really are terrible for the environment. The only shoes I care now are the sporty ones and bags are of the fabric variety. 

While I was getting ready to take photos of the outfit, Chippy and the other two senior cats Aiden and Tidus (not in the pictures) decided to join me. Cats are just something else. Love them to bits.

Here you go. Photos to feast your eyeballs on.

But first, some green chillies:

And more green chillies. Lately I've been sprinkling them on top of noodles, rice, pasta for a jolt of flavor and fragrant. 

Pinafore dress look with boots

Chippy, the ginger cat now officially enters the frame.

Ginger cat says hello.

Ginger cat says hello. Look at that body language.

Ginger cat climbs on the table.

Bushy tail cat is on a mission. I wonder what that is.

Of course:

Ginger cat chillaxes on my lap.

Well of course, the lap. Chippy is a lap cat! 

He likes plopping himself up on my lap. Terribly cute. I get scratches because he likes to knead while he's there. The wounds have healed. So worth it. #lol

Mom's plant babies.

Miniature cat, Petito.

Back to my photos. I feel like a kangaroo with a baby in the tummy pocket:

Cat on the lap.

Cat is extremely proud to be on the lap. My knees prepare for attack.

Ginger cat loves sitting on my lap.

So, that's that.  That's all for now, folks. I'm done.

Okay one more:

Till, the next one, take precious care!

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