I wear a yellow crop top with long sleeves

Friday, November 19, 2021

I wear a yellow crop top with long sleeves

The time it's a blue jeans and crop top with long sleeves kind of evening.

Hiyaaa, beings of gaia.

It's been raining after a gorgeous day of sun. I love today's weather. How are you there? Is the weather matching your mood for the day or is it putting you off? Hahah. Now that we have mentioned about the weather, I shall present to you an outfit, I wore casually during the quarantine days. Oh wait, what? What did I hear you say? Yes, yes, the pandemic lifestyle is yet to be over. 

The only way to make sure our lives are lived is to forge ahead with open hearts & minds and know that we can do the best leaning into the insights within as we make sense of outside advice. These days the news have been quite a put off to me. So, I only read/watch it sparingly and live my new kind of normal. Not the herd/media's kind of BS. Of course, certain things are in place to be of help to society but other things, if you get what I'm saying, are absolutely NOT!

Yellow knit crop top with long sleeves

Anyway, now that I've ranted vaguely about nothing, here's the outfit. 

I don't wear long sleeves often but on this particular day, I did! Got the top from Shopee and have always wanted to try the sweetheart neckline and I quite liked it. This crop allows for some midriff-baring action. I paired the yellow top with blue jeans and slipped my feet into a pair of thong style sandals that have the look of the birkies I like. 

Blue jeans and thong style sandals

I did get into some accessorizing with not only just a pair of earrings but a necklace too. 

The hoops are brass and cheap from Shopee. The necklace came from my sister's collection of chokers. I rarely wear neck pieces but I was feeling the circle and star pendant on this one so I went all out.

Large brass hoops and circle and star necklace

As per usual, Chippy the ginger cat loves to get into the frames with me and he's always welcomed!

Here's some face game action from who else:

Yellow crop top and blue jeans

Here's another angle of my face, hair and the bush behind me.

Wavy hair brown skinned woman in the bush

Here's Chippy looking so adorable and I was aware he wanted to sit on my lap:

Blue jeans and a happy cat

Here is another one because my hair looked good for once:

Wavy long hair person of color

Well there's that, folks. I hope you are doing alright and if you're feeling low, hang in there. I send you a lot of strength, motivation and inspiration. Feel that energy? Perhaps, some good food would give you a lift. I'm hungry and about to cook some leftover curry with rice! Let's eat!

Till, the next one know you are awesome especially when you don't feel like it.

Take precious care :)

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