I get nostalgic feelings wearing this red gingham crop top

Sunday, December 19, 2021

I feel nostalgic wearing a red gingham crop top

The time it's a red gingham crop top that triggers feelings of nostalgia type of outfit situation.

Hiya jolly friends, how are you?

It's time for another outfit post. I'm wearing it casual for a summer out in the porch look with the cats. Paired a red gingham top with an old pair of tie-dye-esque shorts that was originally pants. I didn't like wearing them as pants so I cut the legs off for a cute summer pair of shorts. These pants were not high-waisted as was the case with a lot of pants from the 2000s that I'd gathered. 

These days, I am super into the 80s mom jeans/trousers. The low-rise ones from way back when I was a young gal in the early 2000s just no longer vibe with my current aesthetic. 

So peeps, there you go. My cute little summer look. I love the faux button details. Perky ruffly sleeves and the equally ruffled hem of the crop blouse. The ruching at the back is super charming and it hugs the waist just the way I like.

Oh and I went a little on the fun side by accessorizing with blue striped clay earrings just to amplify the pattern-on-pattern look. Still, the color palette is overall red with a surprise touch of dark blue (and yellow from the straps).

And I also wore some rings which I rarely do and now I am thinking I should wear them for the snaps because I have some old boho rings in the pile gathering dusts. 

So, that is all folks, for now. Will be posting something soon. 

Till the next one, stay strong, healthy and don't forget to carry a functional umbrella with you to survive the random pour. Or else, you will get soaked to the bone and that would be a tragedy. 


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