How I wear a flannel shirt and process complicated grief

Monday, December 27, 2021

How I wear a flannel shirt and process complicated grief

The time I wore a peachy pink flannel shirt of the oversized kind with baby blue jeans.

Hi fellow beings, what's up? What's cooking in the kitchen?

I thought I had uploaded the images for this outfit shoot on the laptop but I was wrong. I missed a folder and poof, the images from this outfit shoot were gone without my realizing it until a few weeks back when I checked my phone and saw that I'd yet to post this flannel OOTD. But hey, it's alright.

Instead of endless photos of me, I believe three would be more than enough. After all, I wore the oversized shirt with jeans and that was all to the basic casual look. 

Merry third day of Christmas to you! 

Hope you are having a lovely time wherever you are. 

I just wanted to pop by before the year's over to say hello with an outfit and a small reflection. The outfit well, is a casual one. 

I have been under a foggy weather (literally & metaphorically) but that might be because I was and still am processing a few things. You know how something catches you off guard in the moment of your life and it takes a while to have the emotions processed, chewed on and integrated. 

I take time to process things and as I get older, I learn to accept my process and understand when I'm a little more than frayed. This year's been different. Our two little cats are no longer with us. We're grateful to have them for the time that we did. 

Then, losing a parent I was estranged from permanently due to cancer is another thing. It's a different kind of grief. It's quite jarring. I know this isn't the post to talk about this particular topic and I'm not aiming to elaborate on a private matter but the year's pretty sobering. Some things in life carry no right words to hold their weight in totality. Life is life and it's also beyond. 

One day, aren't we all but bittersweet memories echoing in a loved one's mind?

Let the memories of those we love come to greet us warmly even though they have shed the forms they previously took on. Let their light unite us with ours. Let their strength and vulnerability remind us to forge forward with wide open hearts. In dreams when we meet for a while or in small recollections, may we come close to understand things we initially couldn't comprehend.

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