My list of gratitude to wrap up this year's end

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

My list of gratitude to wrap this year's end

The time to share a list of heartfelt thankies.

Hiya peeps, what's up? 

In a few days' time, it's the dawn of 2022. Not sure how I'm supposed to feel but I am delighted to turn a new leaf. With a lot of white hairs growing in my scalp and wrinkles decorating my lovely face, I can say for certain that I am stepping into another new chapter of life with a spring in my step.

I'd like to end this year with a gratitude list that's short and honey sweet.

I am grateful for...

a given inquisitive nature

a budding romance in minimalist healthy cooking

guided direction and insights when least expecting 

food when hungry

water when thirsty

a thirst for learning

a space to work and be creative

a heart that is open

an open mind

a love for life

a life for living

music that touches and transcends

insightful channels of information & entertainment

opportunities and platforms to create content

love and support from family, human clan and furry friends

nature sessions that are energizing and horizon-expanding

deepening of patience and understanding

unlearning a cache of derelict conditioning

learning the art of letting go while loving hard

forgetting and living in the current moment

and lastly but most importantly, health


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