Baroque mood: I finally put on a dress that has been hanging in the wardrobe for ages

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Baroque mood: I finally put on a dress that has been hanging in the wardrobe for ages

The time I slipped into a dress with black baroque print and chilled with the cats. 

Hi fellow humans, happy 2022. What's going on in your world of late? Tell me what is your favorite coffee style? I love coffee but I'm sensitive to the caffeine content so I keep it max two cups. I drink mine with creamer, no sugar if it's hot. Less sugar if it's iced. 

As for me, I'm watching what I am consuming because since Christmas and the dawn of the new year, I have been stuffing my face. My face is looking pretty stuffed. I have the kind of facial dimension that leans on the side of cheeky. And if I'm stuffing carbs left and right because people keep bringing them to me, I will turn into a really fluffy hamster only on the face. Food's been tasting yummy of late since the fam gang reunited after a maniac of a year. Nope. Two years.

I'm not going to live in fear because it's not the way to go health-wise. And I hold my middle finger up to the all the variants past, current and the future and that is all. May we all pay more attention of keeping our existing health on the tip top and less on feeding fuel to behaviors that are blatantly unsound.

That said, I did get out into the green because the sun was super strong today. I basked in the intensity of the old fiery globe's glare with SPF on and walked in the shady ancient trees. The scent of nature hit different during a sunny day after weeks of gloominess. It was fresh with a scent of earthy aromatics mixed with the fragrance of blooms. My nose enjoyed the work today, thanks Life.

I also went to my favorite tea place to grab some take-away teas for the fam & I. The tea was awesome. Please have yourself the tastiest tea if you're ever in Seremban, because no other teas will do.

Anyway, let's get on to the outfit of the day: I wore a dress. It's got a baroque print game going on in black and white. I don't know where this dress came from but it was just hanging there in the dark corner of the old wardrobe and as I'd put it on I sensed a feeling of delight. 

It has some interesting border accent, half sleeves, a V-neck and a ribbon sash to give emphasis/illusion to the curve of the waist. It can be tied facing the back but I tied it facing the front instead.

The dress is unlined, light and easy but the fabric isn't cotton. I'm thinking a mix of something with polyester but it is soft. Not great for the hot summer if you're going to hang out in the humid environment. 

I wore the dress during a gloomy evening. For the footwear: since it was an quick trip to the porch to hang with the cats, I slipped my feet into a pair of thong style sandals. These are comfy and super cheap. Perfect summer slippers with cooling cork base.

So, that is all from me for now, peeps.  Thank you for gracing this space of mine with your presence.

If you're in need of something dark, strange and mysterious to watch on YouTube, I recommend checking out MrBallen. If you need something light, goofy and tickly, catch this channel instead. Charlotte Dobre makes me LOL

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