How I wear faux bangs and trick everyone

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

How I wear faux bangs and trick everyone

The time I wear bangs of the false variety. Bangs: as in the hair that goes over the forehead.

Hi ladies, gents and everyone in between! How are you? I'm right here typing these words waiting for some other interesting thoughts to type out. Alas, I am looking at a blinking cursor. Yawn.

Anyway.. What is going on there with you? This post of mine has been in the dusty queue. My hair is now longer and my curtain bangs have lost the curtain. I'm waiting for a pair of hair scissors to arrive to elevate my haircutting game confidence as a YouTube-schooled DIY hairdresser. 

Now what was it that I wanted to say?

Oh yes, the bangs. They also called the fringe depending where you are. I've always had a thing for bangs....on other people and on one of those twilight days, I felt like giving the faux bangs a go and that I did. I chose a color that was the closest to my hair color and ordered this very affordable hair piece from China on one of those platforms and wow, I must say the bangs are quite banging ( I just need to blend in the top part a little better). 

In these pictures, I clipped them higher on my head so that the bangs look short. I have successfully tricked everyone when I wore the bangs and declared I chopped the front of my hair off for a whimsical look. Hahah. I scared my bro off by removing the bangs whilst video-chatting with him and it's still making me chortle. 

When I'm not chortling these days, I'm frowning especially when certain news jump to catch my attention. Then I see a cat or a bunch of them, I feel grateful and stop scrolling and scowling. Haha.

As for the outfit, the top, you have seen before in a previous outfit post. I paired the scarf style crop top with a pair of black high waisted shorts for an edgy black and white look. For a pop of color, I wore these DIY blue bead on a hoop earrings. For sandals, these slip on birkie-style ones are a heaven-sent on default tropical days when them toes gotta be free.

That is all for now, folks. I'm about to drink some water. I hope you will rehydrate yourself too. And don't forget to chuck the garbage out of where you gathered your trash. We still take our garbage out for disposal ( I saw that in some parts of America, the garbage is self-limiting and I'm experiencing FOMO.) and it's my routine task daily but today, I'm giving myself a break. The trash is yet to deliver that funky-smelling aroma. Tomorrow will be a good day to get the junk out.


Well then peeps, go on and take care of yourselves. Stay healthy and spend time in the green. If it's raining, get back to your shelter. Talking about rain, I get  nervous walking outside when the sky is flickering and roaring at the same time. I kept bracing for impact. The sounds and flashes of light get to me, physically. Before I know it, I'm all worked out, emotionally. No one asked: I'm well aware. I'm just sharing. Walking outside when the sky is clapping and flashing is scary.

Till the next one, please keep fit, eat well. Be merry.

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