I wear paperbag shorts not for my shape but kinda cute

Thursday, December 9, 2021

I wear paperbag shorts not for my shape but kinda cute

The time I listened to Anne Murray on repeat and shared some outfit and nature pics.

How are ya? Doing okay? Have you had lunch? What was it? Regardless, I hope it was tasty.

Random note nobody asked for: I'm listening to Anne Murray's A Love Song! Finally I found the song on YouTube. It's an oldie I used to hum and sing parts of the chorus growing up and now that I'm quite ancient, I'm back listening to it on repeat so I can absorb the lyrics. Those radio days get me quite nostalgic. Unless you have a cassette in the 90s, you only got to listen to the song once when it played on the radio. And when it did, everything else stopped existing. Just you and the radio on blast.

Getting right down to the gist of the post: I wore paperbag shorts that came in a blush pink tone for the first time. I paired the shorts with a daisy ruched top and called it a day with a pair of birkie style sandals. Aiden, sweet angel cat joined me this time. Tidus too (not in the picture). 

Feast your eyeballs:

Aiden found the camera, smart boy!

Hi, it's me again.

Dried purple globes finally drying.

A flower from the garden mom successfully planted in a pot.

A fly chilling on a leaf.

Aiden wants some love.

Lady's fingers or okra.

Eh hi, it's me again.

Mom's orchids.

Faux pearl hoop earring game.

Red chilli popping.

Aiden being adorable.

That's all for today. See you in another one. Take precious care.


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