Woke up feeling like my earlobes wanted to party

Friday, February 25, 2022

Woke up feeling like my earlobes wanted to party

The time these earlobes felt festive for no particular reason so I stood around the house staring off into the sky while wearing loud earrings.

Hiya peeps, what's going on in your side of town? I'm brewing something on the hot pot. A chunky vege-ful spaghetti Bolognese with beef pieces. Ran out of fresh tomatoes, so I made do with the leftover bit of ketchup. The veges included a long red chili of the non-spicy kind, red bell peppers, green peas and corn. A sprinkle of herbs I love. And tadaa. Done. Shared the remix spaghetti with an eager hungry bro. Great news, no one was in peril. It was edible. Some might say it was a success. By some, I meant me, heheh,

Anyway, today's post is all about these earrings. They're super affordable, from a shopping platform I shall leave unnamed because I'm waiting to get approved for a working affiliate relationship. If you've been living the pandemic lifestyle, you'd have witnessed a sprouting of online shopping places that can actually be the primary cause of either watery/dry eye sockets. Luckily, I've very limited funds. Items that stay in the cart remain there until they disappear because somebody else bought them. But not these earrings! I love them.

So here are the massive earrings I've yet to wear anywhere except for ambling around the house. I'm not complaining though. As an introvert, my need to be in noisy places is rather inexistent. Crowded places are the bane of my existence. The only time I ever appreciate crowded places is when I sink into the river of anonymity and move like a pair of eyeballs taking in the scene, scent and sound. 

I don't miss the life of commuting way back when I was a crispy green thing called a student in the uni. Crowds can be comforting as they can be intimidating. I am proud of the Russian people that have come together to protest against acts of war. I do not know much about what's the current info on the situation but peaceful demos are especially needed at this very point of our lives. OMG, sorry friends, I go off on a tangent ever too readily.

Pictures then, shall we:

For something so massive, it was shockingly weightless.

Outfit components: Beige sleeveless top with chic texture (mom's gift), black and white striped pencil skirt, pink birkie-style sandals with rivets. Accessories: old coconut shell bangles, boho ring, black spiral hair tie, colorful fringe and rhinestone earrings, and a pink satin hair scrunchie.

Outfit rationale: Because the earlobes were already visually out there, I intentionally went for a neutral color scheme for the rest of the outfit. Save for the sandals that were a dusty pink, the rest were beige, black and white to let the party remain concentrated on the ears. Not much of a party person, but I'm glad the ears decided to take the plunge.

So that's it from me for now. I hope you've taken the time to move your body and devour something healthy. I have been eating a mix bunch of things that pimples have popped out to peacefully gather to protest my questionable food consumption. 

Bonus picture: I stand near a wild banana tree to look like I'm wearing a banana leaf hat:

Take precious care, now. Till the next entry, I wish you clarity, strength, reasonless joy and an unexpected burst of inspiration.

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