Ramble time with me: Bladder evacuation

Monday, March 14, 2022

Ramble with me: Bladder evacuation

The time I yammer a lot about this and that.

Hiya peeps, today I am feeling energized because it's the week where the happy hormones are in a rising pattern. If you know what I'm taking about ladies, (yes biological ladies) then you know! I'm sorry but for me trans woman are not biological women and should not be entering a biological woman's loo! So there's that. My randomly passionate starting paragraph. 

I was at the garden just now after noting the late peeking out of the sun from behind the gloomy cloudy skies. I walked about until I started to feel like going to the loo. I didn't get to spend a lot of time there as I'd liked to but then again the wet surfaces weren't really that appealing. The humidity coupled with a general sense of dampness got me to head back home. Once seated in the car, my bladder felt like it had some space so I didn't have to stop anywhere to engage in nature's call. 

Nature's call could really be anything under the sun but funny how we instantly associate it with bladder evacuation. Eating could be one of the many nature's call. Semantics aside, I do like to ramble a lot here and wonder if anyone is actually reading the random things I blurt out for no reason. Thanks if you do find my rambling therapeutic. There I go with my assumption.. Apparently nature's call also refers to the final act of digestion as well. Ha ha ha. 

So what's going on there? How's life for you these days? Fed the kids yet? Turned the MSM news down a notch? I'm feeling like I should just go. 

Part of me feels like nursing a hot beverage while another is open to drinking iced coffee. I did a cold brew last night; you know leaving questionable instant coffee mixed in lukewarm water in the fridge to sit there overnight or longer. I bet it'll taste divine with some brown sugar. Funny how I usually go sugar-free with my hot drinks but when it comes to iced coffee, a bit of brown sugar rounds it up nicely. I've done a cold one without sugar but it was no good. Once the sunny days come along, I just seem to fancy iced coffee. Perhaps, I should do one with good coffee ground in the near future. 

Lately, I've been quite a hairdresser when it comes to giving my own hair a trim and layering. Definitely not new in the game because I was obsessed with scene hair back in my mid twenties and I remember hacking at my hair which was artificially straightened then. Now that I've gone back to the roots with my naturally wavy hair, I'm feeling like I've gotten pretty bold (major thanks to YouTube hairdressing videos). Nobody's gonna spot a mistake when it's all unruly waves. Thank goodness for these wild waves. My mom's naturally wavy as was my dad. The whole clan is wavy all year long. 

As I'm entering the big 4-decade of my life, I now have a lot of bright white hairs. Against the majority dark brown mane, they do shine pretty bright. I hope they come together with a lot of wisdom. In other stories, I've been attempting to give antibiotics pill to my cat. I even got a pill-popping gadget of sort but it's useless when I have only two hands and poor technique. Tidus has been very patient with me though. Instead of giving him the tablet, I have chosen the route of mixing the tablet into his milk and he liked it that way. Since he shares it with his brother cat, Aiden, I'm sure the potency is reduced. 

Beyond these topics, I realize I need to get new shots of outfits. Not exactly of new outfits - just whatever new combos I can come up with  existing clothing so there will be something to post up here. I don't know. 

Is there a particular kind of post that you enjoy here? Please share in the comment section. I'd appreciate your thoughts and will take them into consideration.

Till the next one, take precious care of yourself. Don't sit too long. Work smart. Eat well. Do interval fasting. Move your body. Get creative in the way you enjoy the most!

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