Solitary soul: I rest in silence especially during this special time

Monday, February 7, 2022

Solitary soul: I rest in silence especially during this special time

The time I wear something lazy and breezy to meet nobody.

Hi peeps, what's going on in your world? I'm in the phase of the month where I get easily irritated even when there's nothing to be irritated about. How fun! I joke, of course. I am alright not having fun. I prefer being in the middle. Not too excited. Not too miserable. 

With the said, I'm actually looking forward for my meal prep for tonight. My lovely bro bought some yummy looking chicken. I'm just going to cook up some rice in ghee and onions and have the leftover mussel curry heated up. It's a cold night tonight and the tummy is hungry from all of the content-creating session I was having earlier. By the way, the rain has stopped. But the suddenly nippy weather is making me want to keep myself in a cozy warm bubble so I'm going to barricade myself inside the house for tonight. Will catch the sun tomorrow hopefully. I had done a bit of a lazy stroll after chucking the garbage where it needed to be chucked just now. It was really cold, I came inside quickly. The leftover chicken bones had been well-picked by the cats. I'll see them tomorrow.

Oh no, I am getting irritated again, by sounds of laughter. Hahah, and that is why I enjoy my solitude even more during this special time of the month. Sorry, I harp about it a lot. It's just that I am casually writing casual content on this casual space wearing my casual clothing. I like to keep it raw and real on the reportage. Aside from the courses and training I've been engaging since the dawn of the new year, I have been upping my steps on the walking quotation. I really appreciate it when I eat well and walk a lot. It's a recipe for feeling inspired, energized and ready to receive some insights so I can get creative. 

On the video content front: 

I've been doing  a lot more reels on the IG-verse. It just became a thing. And there's one reel with the salmon and mushroom pizza that is still getting likes after over two weeks and I'm pretty amused. I don't know what algorithm that got tickled from that reel post but random likes keep popping on the daily. Other reels are not performing as much in terms of numbers but I quite like posting them regardless.

Oh well, I will now calm it with the typing and let your eyeballs now feast on the photos. Enjoy.

So, that's it from me, now folks. I will be back in the next one. Keep taking care of your health, keep doing what makes you happy. And when you feel like nothing is making you happy, remember you're a human being, there are other spectrum of feelings and emotions to explore. Explore them. Like clouds, all of the sensations move about and when the go, you see the blue. While you sit working on your screen, remember you have a body. Put the gadgets down, get out there(or somewhere you prefer), move those limbs. 

See you soon :)

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