Blue thrifted denim skirt with buttons and pockets

Friday, September 16, 2022

Blue thrifted denim skirt with buttons and pockets

The time I wore a thrifted find in the form of an A-line denim skirt.

Have you ever gazed at the blue, which is nature's mighty high ceiling and then for a moment dissolved with it? This has happened to me quite a few times and I welcome the sensation. Tips? Simples!

Eyeballs glued to the sky, all of your eyes and everything that can sense things - direct them all to that blue. It's amazing how a tiny little thing like this can have a restorative effect on the spirit. 

I have been climbing up the hill where it's opened to the public to get their limbs free and limber. Today was another gorgeous walk up and down and I took advantage of looking far and wide into the distance. The grumbly skies quietened to give way to a stunning blue accentuated with fluffy clouds. The evening wrapped up in dreamy golden yellow hues, the kind of sunset that makes life feel intoxicating.

I live for yellow sunsets (and all others too but the golden ones are something else)! They're a cure to everything. Just try it guys. If it's cold weather where you are, don't fret, light a candle or have your electric wood fireplace do its magical thang. 

Swaying flames have a way of being soothing. You'll easily find me lighting a tealight candle and feel many times better, yup. I realize with age my solitude is priceless and I take my time basking in it.

That said, this post is about an outfit. Got the skirt at a thrift shop and considered it a steal. 

I have always wanted to wear the denim A-line skirts and finally got it in my size. Love it super much. The top is from years ago and it's still popping with its swan bird prints over a blue canvas. The walking sneakers are smooth to slip my feet into. 

No laces to stop me from blasting straight out of the door. I am a stay at home bird that will gladly be in the quiet endlessly but when I make plans to step out, I practically breeze out through the door like my life depends on it. #LOL

Till the next one, stay free and curious!

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