Double Flora ~ 90s floral denim shorts + floral print tee

Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Double Flora ~ 90s floral denim shorts + floral print tee

The time I went DOUBLE on the florals.

Hi folks, how are ya? I am feeling absolutely great after absorbing quite a bit of sunshine today. It felt like ages since I get to sweat from just by existing, hahah. It's that old Malaysian sun and its usual breeze and humidity. I did get my legs out to brisk walk in the green just now. We've had tons of rain with gloomy weather that got me quite run down as I'm not a cold weather person at all. Soaked concrete, drenched soil, soggy grass and trees, puddles everywhere... endless dark skies. Blerghh. I'm so over it.

I am however, appreciative of the rain when it's in a balanced amount but with mother nature, it's totally out of my control. I know that but I can't help but to descend into gloominess along with the weather. 

Enough of my blabbering like an ancient person or a suddenly talkative crow, how's the weather your way? 

Today's post is about a double floral outfit. The shorts are a thrifted find and I'm so glad my sister convinced me to get the shorts. I have like 3 pairs of newly thrifted shorts in vibrant happy floral now. I'm quite excited to have them all styled as part of a tropical casual summer lookbook! Stay tuned for those, if you're a fan of casual floral styles, the kinds that fit into a beach environment and around the home.

The vivid floral motif over a dark blue on the denim shorts is so pretty. I wear the shorts casually with a newly-acquired tee with an artsy drawing of a face that's covered with a bouquet of flowers as a print. 

The sandals are toe-ring styled and cooling to wear on a hot day. The hoop earrings are neon yellow and huge for an extra pop of color.

Without further ado, here are the rest of pics for your eyeballs:

But first, here's Aiden the kitty cat having a bath in the evening. He's a sweet boy. Lately he's been very talkative and hearing him meow makes my heart melt. I love petting this kitty and singing to him.

Here's me flapping around for no reason because it's nice.

How pretty are those blooms and leafage! The shorts have a structure and weight to them as is expected with denim. Pockets are functional both front and back.

For more denim shorts with floral prints inspo:

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vintage 90s colorful floral denim shorts

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So folks, what do you think of this outfit? Do you have a pair of similar shorts? Share your thoughts below!

Till the next one, keep living, loving, smiling and laughing!

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