Casual in leopard + I'd overeaten + Iran what's going on?

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Casual in leopard + I'd overeaten + Iran what's goin on?

The time I casually wear a strappy leopard top with a black midi skirt.

You know that old familiar FULL feeling in the mid section area aka tummy after a feast. I'm feeling it right now. Tummy is very full. Tummy will have to relax from all that intense munching. Thank the food lords for the grub. We had Chinese food today. It was good but I'm still a fan of my own cooking. It's simple, it's fun. I am blowing my own horn. LOL

The outfit of the day for today's post centers around this old neon leopard tank top. I paired it with an old black midi pencil skirt. Old beige sandals finished the outfit off with a casual note. Aiden joined in, ain't he a cutie?

On a serious note, I really am saddened to read the news coming from Iran lately. I thought the time of backwards morality policing was done and over with but apparently it's not.

It's a sad time for the world when women are still being treated horribly there and I stand by the brave girls, women (along with the boys and men) that are fighting (and have been killed) for standing by their rights. How is it it's darn 2022 and girls are being killed because of the state of fabric that sits on top of their heads? It's such a shame and the Iranian government sitting on their sinister behind needs to wake up. Wake up for a new kind of living. Wake up from the slumber of ignorance that stokes the fires of violence. Humanity is made up of girls and women too. We are part of this good life. Stop the violence

On a lighter note, my tummy has released gases of which I will spare the method of them leaving the body. I will be having tea for supper. What about you?

Today's pictures relating to the outfit, Aiden, the HCIC (head cat in charge) and nature snaps from mom's garden:

That's all for now, folks. I wish you a very beautiful day/evening ahead. Have thoughts to share? Drop them down below. I read each one.

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Till the next one, stay brave and strong!

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