Sunny out: Outfit for brisk walking in the garden

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Sunny out: Outfit for brisk walking in the garden

The time it was sunny in the evening and I went for a walk in the green. Here's the outfit I was wearing for the evening.

Hiya folks, in a few days, it will be the dawn of a new year. Like every new year, it's always exciting to peek into the horizon to imagine new adventures and journeys it may take us. Every year since 2017, I have been spending time a lot in nature and that is something I will always want to keep doing for as long as I am able. I love walking and I don't usually stress much about the outfit as I tend to wear the same things again and again. Like this particular OOTD for an evening outdoor strolling:

Since it's sunny on this particular evening, I'd chosen a green tank top and paired it with a pair of navy melange blue joggers. I carry a knit shopping bag that's long and structureless to keep it comfy and casual. I definitely do not do actually shopping with this bag because I use it like day bag for whatever casual errands I'm engaged in. 

Enough about the bag with chaos inside, I also don a pair of sunnies. I like the shape of the frames on these as my face real estate can take enormous eyewear. The brown filter gives the outside world a wonderful retro appearance and on grey days, the brown lens just help with giving life to the gloomy vibe outside. These days, I just wear the glasses more as I find that they're great at protecting my eyeballs from a sudden strong breeze and a naughty piece of debris even as they provide a protective shade against the glaring balls of light. 

That's all for now from me folks. Hope you're all healthy and well. Till the next one, take care! 


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