Might rain but I still wanted to brisk walk outfit

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Might rain but I still wanted to brisk walk outfit

The time I wrapped up the 2022 outfit post with a casual walking outfit inspo.

Hi peeps, how are you wrapping up the old year that is 2022? Today's post before the new year begins is yet another outfit I wore for a quick walk when there was a break from the monsoon pour. I kept it a little bit more covered than usual as it was cold through the use of a cool blue chambray shirt with long sleeves. 

I wore a stretchable cropped (with the help of scissors when I was feeling adventurous) pants that kept me warm as they were pretty tight. Brought the umbrella just in case it decided to sprinkle. It's always nice to prep for unexpected pour and save oneself from getting unnecessarily soggy. 

For shoes, it's just my usual slip-easy walking footwear in black and around the waist is my old waist bag that's still my go-to after all these years (got the sports waist bag in 2017). Mom fixed the zipper when it fell apart and it's as good as new! ;)

That is all for 2022! See you all in 2023 in a very quick jiff!


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