Why I love a windy evening strolling session?

Monday, January 9, 2023


Why I love a windy evening strolling session?

Hi peeps, how are you this very new year?

Today's entry is yet another casual number I wore for a stroll down by the tropical garden here in the small town I live. It was especially windy that fine evening with a little bit of cold in the air but the sun was shining.

The top is a vintage from my mom's closet. It has a beige background with black horizontal stripes all around. The shape is loose and roomy but the fabric has weight to it. I teamed it with a pair of breezy pants that feel like nothing as all tropical pants should be. The pants carry an abstract leopard print motif. I'd cut off the cuff at the hem of the pants because my fleshy ankles would like to be spared from being suffocated. I've always likes the cuffed look in jogger pants but so far I've not met something that is suited for the meaty stems I have on me. LOL

Anyway, these two prints go together because of their color schemes. The pants' print is beige-y with a black background. I wore a pair of slip-easy walking shoes. A sporty waist belt sits across my torso. Atop my head, the sunglasses rested there before I put them on for the rest of my strolling session.

That's all for now. See you in the next one!

Wait, I forgot to address the question that was in the title of this post. Hahah. I love walking on windy evenings because it's really nice to feel the sensation of a breeze going all around me. I love how the winds rustle the leaves of the trees, scattering all brown leafage down to the ground. It's nature's way to ruffle the trees up a bit so they can let go of the old, making space for the new budding blooms, leaves and branches. I love the way the winds carry scents of nature right into my nostrils and the kinds of aroma I enjoy are the earthy scents of wild flowers. 

Yes, sometimes, there are other undesirable smells around but that's the reality of living in this realm: No birds without some splash of birdie excrement to decorate concrete certain walls and benches. Most of all, I love the swaying feeling when the wind envelops this body of mine as I stroll on with my hair engulfed by the invisible tendrils of a sweet tropical evening breeze.

This was the fine weather that day:


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