Conversing with chatGPT + monsoon walking OOTD

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Conversing with chatGPT + monsoon walking OOTD

The time I show you yet another old walking outfit for when I went to shake the limbs during the monsoon and there is a rewritten content by chatGPT for kicks and giggles.

I wrote a bit while out walking the other day and had chatGPT rewrite the stuff I wrote with a funny undertone. 

Here's the result:

Oh boy, this heat is turning me into a wild animal! My body is getting all hot and bothered, and I'm sweating up a storm day and night. But hey, at least it's keeping me fit by burning through all that fuel. I'm chowing down more than usual, just like a bottomless pit. Speaking of pits, I got a spontaneous scalp cleansing at the salon the other day. The hairdresser was a total doll, but let's be real, I still rock my curls better than they ever could. The hairdresser tried to act cool, but I could tell he was low-key horrified by the mess on my head. He even had the nerve to ask if I comb my hair! What a joker. I told him I only comb it when it's wet, but who cares? I'm too busy enjoying the shocking sight of myself in the fluorescent salon lights. Mirrors can be so intimidating, you know? But despite the scare, I'm thrilled to have shed some serious weight from my hair. Watch out world, my new summer hair is ready to make waves!

Original content by me:

I think this hot weather triggers a kind of primal hunger in me. My naturally heaty body is cooling off and that means, sweaty is the vibe of the whole day and night. My body burns more fuel and in a good way, I stay fit. But I have to eat a bit more just how I tend to replenish the body with more water. Finally went to the salon for a deep scalp cleansing the other day on a whim. I am glad I did as the hairdresser was the loveliest! I still am of the mind that I style my curls way better than the salon though and that's something I am proud about. The hairdresser was kind even as he stared at the mess that was my hair. He even asked: Don't you comb your hair? Hahaha. I told him I tended not to when it's dry. Staring into my face in the mirror with the fluorescent lighting startled me because mirrors in the salons can be intimidating. But I managed to enjoy the process and was delighted to say BYE to a lot of weight from my hair. This summer hair isn't in the pictures here yet. It's basically the same minus a bit of length and weight.

About the walking outfit: Everything's the same as before except that I needed a heavier top because it was cold so I wore a long sleeve knit cardigan in black with the old melange blue jogger pants, waist belt bag and a wrist wallet that I don't like wearing that much.

What do you think? With regards to the content reimagined by chatGPT, I find that it has quite a lot of sass and attitude. I have been using it to see how it gets creative with content and I must say it's quite fun and exciting, especially when I need to get out of a writing rut. 

Have you used the artificial intelligence chatbot and if so, how have you been using it so far? 

As always, feel free to share below - You very well know I love hearing from you!

Gif thing: 

To wrap this entry up, let the words by Alan Watts echo in your mind:

"Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth." - Alan Watts

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