I wore a sleeveless Indian top + flared pants + cat story

Sunday, April 23, 2023

I wore a sleeveless Indian top + flared pants + cat story

The time I wore an old Indian top with another old black pants and kitty, Aiden joined me as I attempted to get the outfit recorded.

Hi peeps! How are ya? I'm here typing away for another day. And I am thoroughly excited to be sharing this outfit. I wore it one fine evening to see nature and get my eyeballs lost in the blue skies as it was delightfully sunny and windy that time.

While I was trying to get the vid recorded on my phone, Aiden, the fluffy kitty angel decided to stand right in front of the camera so I adjusted myself to include him in the scene. He really was telling me something which obviously had to do with where the food at and that he was looking forward to the grub session. 

Talking about cat food, I'm going to remind myself here that I need to get his senior cat food tomorrow because his favorite pellets are running low. I also must zip up the cover to his pellets PROPERLY because the last time I forgot to do that, Aiden, the genius cat pushed the big bag of pellets that was sitting on his cat tower and everything poured out of it! I was so shocked to see a mountain of exposed cat pellets that evening. The scene got me utterly speechless as I used a broom to get everything back in again. LOL.

Anyways, this outfit came to be because I decided to wear this very airy kurti top that's got paisley print on a cream background. I love the little pops of green and wore the top with an old pair of black bell bottom pants. To complete the casual ensemble, I slip those feet of mine into a pair of beige sandals and that was all to the look!

Here is the last picture for your visual enjoyment:

Here is a GIF:


Cat story: 

Since it's Aiden that's photo bombing these pictures, I shall tell you a story about the fluffy angel boy. In cat years, he's actually no longer a boy but in behavior at times, he will act very kitten-like and full of mischief. Aiden came from a litter of four kitties that included Tidus. 

When they were given birth by their mama cat, Smurf, it was my first direct experience of seeing first hand how a cat had babies growing in her and then chose to give birth at a corner of our home. I often thought that cats detect your presence in a way that's vaguely in your direction but not exactly through the movement of their cat eyeballs. 

Aiden is one of the first cat lessons of my life that they do move their eyeballs to meet my eyeballs to gauge my state of mind. Hahahah. I really didn't know that cats' eyeballs were that expressive until then and I'd been known to feel quite stared at when Tidus would look at me with his very intense eyeballs. So that's the story of the moment concerning cats and their expressive eyeballs. 

In conclusion, these magical felines do look at you using their eyeballs and some will give you a stare. When Tidus stared at me, I felt quite shy but seen by this magnificent creature. We miss him a lot and will always have him in our hearts.

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