I wear an outfit with something hairy and fringy

Tuesday, May 16, 2023


I wear an outfit with something hairy and fringy

The time my outfit had movement in the form of a hairy knit bag and brown ankle fringe boots.

Hiya folks, how are you? It's been really toasty to the point of lethal humidity here in Malaysia. Here in the equatorial tropics, when the sun is high and hot, it really is killer. Not a good idea to be standing in the direct heat and thank goodness for the abundance of ancient trees in the garden because we can't all be concentrating ourselves in the artificially chilled concrete caves. 

I always find that to be quite unhealthy plus the outside of the concrete buildings with built-in AC systems are especially HOT. We really need our mama nature shades in the form of trees and foliage to get a reprieve while outside. Homes can be a very sauna environment if you're not one to rely on AC and I often find myself catching the breeze out in nature whenever I'm able to and for that I'm very grateful. Cool drinks, snacks and fruits and deserts are especially IN for the tropical summer too.

Enough about the hot weather, these are the pictures of an outfit I wore before the sun started getting serious. I was clad in a black knit half sleeve cardi jacket, a black ruffle hem skirt, a hairy knit round bag and a pair of thrifted brown fringe boots that my brother spotted on the shoe shelf at the secondhand store one fine evening. 

I've not gotten a chance to wear the pretty boots anywhere because of the unpredictable weather. It can rain suddenly so I've just worn the boots around the yard for outfit shooting purposes. The cute hairy bag really is HUGE on movement. 

It moves and sways as I move. It is a lovely gift from my sweet brother and his lovely wife and I'm super grateful to have a cute swingy bag to carry when I'm suddenly feeling particularly like swinging around.

Well... that's all from me for now folks. I hope you are having a splendid day/evening and I will see you in the next one.

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